Watch Ladipoe & Vector Break Down Their Bars On #MindtoMind [Video]

Watch Ladipoe & Vector Break Down Their Bars On #MindtoMind [Video]

Ladipoe & Vector had an entertaining and educative rap session titled 'Mind to Mind' on IG Live last night

Watch Ladipoe & Vector Break Down Their Bars On #MindtMindtoMind [Video]

On Sunday night, both Ladipoe & Vector got on IG Live to breakdown some of their verses. The idea had been floated by the Mavin Records rapper, who then mentioned his elder colleague who eagerly got on it, even recommending the used hashtag.

In my review of the event, I wrote that "it was a dope show, a great atmosphere held by mutual respect and knowledge of the craft. As everyone who loves rap continue to make sure it rises to prominence in Nigeria again, Ladipoe and Vector’s moment last night was a great effort towards enlightening the masses and shedding some of the mystique behind rappers and their works."

Surely, if you're a lover of great bars, rap songs, or just sexy dudes discussing, you'll love Ladipoe and Vector’s Mind to Mind. Not surprisingly, somewhere amidst the Live, fans in the comments trended the idea of an EP between both rappers.

Ladipoe & Vector Break Down Their Bars | Watch Video Below


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7 months ago

This is so good..