Reactions Trail Sarz's Battle Technique With Shizzi On 'The Battle Of Hits'


sarz sarz shizzi

After a successful Battle of Hits, Nigerians are reacting to how it went down, who won and Sarz's mannerism during the battle with Shizzi.

The battle which took place via Instagram Live on the 30th of March by 10 pm saw two of Nigeria's top producers dishing out their hits from various top artistes.

According to the majority of the reaction online, Sarz is so good and takes the number one spot of Nigerian producers. Also, reactions trailing Twitter was that Sarz didn't treat Shizzi right while Shizzi was acting nice. He was too nice that even artistes like Simi commented that he had to stop being as nice to Sarz who was out to finish him.

A memorable jab in the battle was when Shizzi played a top song and Sarz went "That's cute", dismissing the track to play to top it with his own hit. See More reaction from Twitter

While some think Sarz went off on Shizzi too hard, others believe it is an unspoken rule in a battle to not play nice with your opponent who is also out to win... Use all you've got in your arsenal and that was exactly what Sarz did.

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