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Viral Music Video Promo Guide

Is your music not getting streams?

  • Making Good Music

  • Doing Unproductive Music Promotion or NO Promotion

  • Struggling to Get Streams

  • Music promotion should work, especially when your music is good. But when it doesn't work, too many artists and their team waste time and money doing the same type of promo over again, hoping something will stick. But it never does.
  • Here's the thing. It's not more promotion you need, it's better music promotion.
  • Promoting on a strategic platform that has your fanbase and using the right content (videos), your music streams will grow with ease.
  • 1

    Make Good Music

    You already make good music and people need to hear it.

  • 2

    Use Effective Promotion

    We will show you examples of videos that go viral which will cause our 5 million users to pay attention to your music.

  • 3

    Get MORE Shazams and Streams

    Promote on Notjustok so you can start getting way more Shazams and more streams.

Why Promotion on NOTJUSTOK Works?

It’s difficult to know how to get more streams. With so many ways to promote music, it can feel overwhelming to know what works.

At NOTJUSTOK our platform has helped several artists get a lot of listeners to their music by publishing engaging/viral videos with their music playing behind the videos on our 4 million user social pages. NOTJUSTOK is an authority in showcasing Afrobeats music. Since 2006, our audience has counted on our platform.

Start Finding Your Listeners and Fans

When people don’t know you released music, they can’t listen to your music. When your music is promoted correctly on our social media channels and website, you get access to 5 millions afrobeats lovers who will start streaming your music today.

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