The Reaction So Far To Dremo's Codename Vol. 2

The Reaction So Far To Dremo's Codename Vol. 2

Earlier today Dremo released his third project, Codename Vol. 2

Reaction To Dremo's Codename Vol. 2

Dremo, earlier today, released his third project, the Codename Vol 2 series, and has gotten lots of reactions. Met with the passioned loyalists of Dremo, the tape (and its creator, of course) trended. And afterward, a lot of praises were heaped on Dremo, and sometimes, not so praiseworthy words.


The highlight of the day obviously belongs to Davido and YCEE, who got into a disagreement after the latter had suggested, by way of bants, that he was a better rapper to Dremo.

The Reaction So Far To Dremo's Codename Vol. 2

Davido reactng to Dremo's Codename Vol. 2

Many have said that Davido was wrong for bringing up YCEE's Tinny case in something as this; some others aren't so subtle: YCEE had no business with Davido promoting his artist's tape, they said. He deserved the gbos, they said.

YCEE though, isn't intent on throwing blows. In a post, he wrote about his relationship with Dremo, how far they'd come. Dremo replied "Brother for life".

Dremo Codename Vol 2 Reaction

Listen to Dremo's Codename Vol. 1 here

Meanwhile, Davido popped back onto the scene to announce to his people that Dremo's Codename Vol. 2 was the number one album in the country (on Apple Music). Such great news for Dremo.



Dremo Codename Vol 2 Reaction

It's been quite a day – Dremo's day.

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Have you listened to the tape? What are your favorite songs?

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