Sebastian Haller Breaks Silence on His Health after Chemotherapy


Borussia Dortmund summer signing, Sebastian Haller has broken silence about his recent battle with cancer.

Sebastian Haller


The player was speaking about his recovery process after he underwent chemotherapy after several examinations revealed a testicular tumour to be malignant. The Ivorian said in the interview that he is getting back to better and he looks forward to playing for Dortmund.

My wife was in shock, but she could deal with it. But.. my mom.. it wasn't the same, because mothers are mothers. I called my brothers and sisters to make sure they will be there for her, so that she wouldn't feel alone. This is what I have done. Right now, I feel really good. I am even at the same level then a few months ago so that's a good sign. I eat well. A lot of people are giving me confidence to go through this. I want to tell everyone that I feel good and to make sure that people get checked up. My first goal is to be back on the field. Play for 'The Yellow Wall' and score my first goal. It will be a beautiful and moving moment.

The former West Ham United and Ajax forward is now expected to be out of action for several months. The tumour was diagnosed earlier in July after Haller complained of feeling unwell after training.