Big Revelation Concerning Blessing Okagbare's Doping Scandal | Read


The U.S. prosecutors have charged a Texas man identified as Eric Lira for providing enhancing drugs to athletes competing (Blessing Okagbare inclusive) in the last summer Olympics which was hosted in Tokyo.

Blessing Okagbare
Blessing Okagbare


Lira is the first person to be arrested under the new U.S anti-doping law governing international sports competitions. According to the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan, Lisa distributed drugs, which include human growth hormone and erythropoietin, a blood hormone, which is for the purpose of corrupting the 2020 games.

Okagbare was suspended for testing positive for human growth hormone in July 2021, which led to her immediate disqualification from the Olympic Games. The Athletics Integrity Unit also confirmed that Okagbare tested positive for a blood booster in June last year. She was charged with failing to cooperate with the investigation after she disobeyed an order to produce documents, records, and electronic storage devices in relation to other charges.


The latest reports from the Okagbare scandal showed that the Nigerian was in constant communication with the Lira while she was at the Olympic Games in Japan.

She wrote to him, according to the complaint.''Is it safe to take it this morning? ''Remember I took it Wednesday and then yesterday again. I was not sure, so I did not take a test.

In another communication between both parties during the games, Okagbare wrote to Lira that she just ran 10.63 seconds in the 100 meters heat. '' Eric, my body feels so good, she wrote. Whatever you did is working so well. Lira replied to her, '' You are doing your part and you will be ready to dominate.

Lira has been charged under the Rodchenkov Act, a law signed in 2020 that prohibits any person, other than an athlete, to knowingly influence any major international sports competition with the use of the prohibited substance.