Women's World Cup 2023: Every detail you should know about the round of 16 stage


Here is every detail you should know about the fixtures and countries in the round of 16 of the explosive FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 has lived and surpassed the expectations of fans in the group stages of the competition, as many are excited about the round of 16 of the competition. With players living up to expectations and fans showing maximum support for their side, the 2023 edition of the competition has been one many do not want to miss.

Here is every detail you should know about the knockout stage of the competition, which will commence on Saturday, August 5, 2023.

Countries that qualified for the Round of 16 of the Women's World Cup 2023

Women's World Cup 2023 Round of 16
Bayana Bayana of South Africa

(Q=Qualified, E=Eliminated)

Group A1. Switzerland-Q2. Norway-Q3. New Zealand-E4. Philippines-E
Group B1. Australia-Q2. Nigeria-Q3. Canada-E4. Rep. of Ireland-E
Group C1. Japan-Q2. Spain-Q3. Zambia-E4. Costa Rica-E
Group D1. England-Q2. Denmark-Q3. China-E4. Haiti-E
Group E1. Netherlands-Q2. USA-Q3. Portugal-E4. Vietnam-E
Group F1. France-Q2. Jamaica-Q3. Brazil-E4. Panama-E
Group G1. Sweden-Q2. Italy-E3. South Africa-Q4. Argentina-E
Group H1. Colombia -Q2. Germany-E3. Morocco-Q4. South Korea-E

Who would play in the Women's World Cup Round of 16?

Women's World Cup 2023 Round Of 16
Super Falcons of Nigeria
DateMatchTime (GMT)City
Sat, Aug. 5Switzerland (1A) vs.
Spain (2C)
 6 a.m.Auckland (NZL)
Sat, Aug. 5Japan (1C) vs.
Norway (2A)
9 a.m.Wellington (NZL)
Sun, August 6Netherlands (1E) vs.
South Africa (2G)
3 a.m.Sydney (AUS)
Sun, August 6, 2023France (1G) vs.
USA (2E)
10 a.m.Melbourne (AUS)
Mon, August 7, 2023England (1D) vs.
Nigeria (2B)
8:30 a.m.Brisbane (AUS)
Mon, August 7, 2023Australia (1B) vs.
Denmark (2D)
11:30 a.m.Sydney (AUS)
Tue, August 8, 2023Colombia (1H) vs.
Jamaica (2F)
9 a.m.Melbourne (AUS)
Tue, August 8, 2023France (1F) vs.
Morocco (2H)
12 p.m.Adelaide (AUS)

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