Arsenal FC Break The 18-Year-Old 'Invincibles' Premier League Record


Arsenal FC Break The 18-Year-Old 'Invincibles' Premier League Record

Arsenal FC seems to have their groove back as Mikel Arteta's men have successfully broken an 18-year-old premier league record.

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After the final whistle in the premier league match Bournemouth vs Arsenal, Mikel Arteta's men broke the 18-year premier record held by 'The Invincibles' in the 2004/2005 season.

The squad secured a 3-0 victory over Bournemouth to make it their first three straight wins since the Arsene Wenger side pulled it off in the 2004/2005 season. Fans can't help but think that this might just be the season Arsenal turn the tides.

The invincibles went on to win the premier league trophy and even go unbeaten in the premier league after winning their first three games.

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The new signings have shown how vital they are in the squad, with Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko creating spaces and chances to further improve the playing ability of the squad.

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