All 38 Premier League Matches For Liverpool FC

Here are all the 38 Premier League matches Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool FC would play in the 2022/2023 Premier League season.

Liverpool FC Premier League

All is set for the 5th of August 2022 as the 2022/2023 Premier League season commences which is why we compiled a list of all the 38 matches Liverpool FC would be playing in their title chase.

All Liverpool FC Premier League Matches For The 2022/2023 Season:

06/08/2022 Fulham v Liverpool

15/08/2022 Liverpool v Crystal Palace

22/08/2022 Manchester United v Liverpool

27/08/2022 Liverpool v A.F.C. Bournemouth

31/08/2022 Liverpool v Newcastle United

03/09/2022 Everton v Liverpool

10/09/2022 15:00 Liverpool v Wolverhampton

18/09/2022 Chelsea v Liverpool

01/10/2022 Liverpool v Brighton

08/10/2022 Arsenal v Liverpool

15/10/2022 Liverpool v Manchester City

19/10/2022 Liverpool v West Ham United

22/10/2022 Nottingham Forest v Liverpool

29/10/2022 Liverpool v Leeds United

05/11/2022 Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

12/11/2022 Liverpool v Southampton

26/12/2022 Aston Villa v Liverpool

31/12/2022 Liverpool v Leicester City

02/01/2023 Brentford v Liverpool

14/01/2023 Brighton v Liverpool

21/01/2023 Liverpool v Chelsea

04/02/2023 Wolverhampton v Liverpool

11/02/2023 Liverpool v Everton

18/02/2023 Newcastle United v Liverpool

25/02/2023 Crystal Palace v Liverpool

04/03/2023 Liverpool v Manchester United

11/03/2023 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Liverpool

18/03/2023 Liverpool v Fulham

01/04/2023 Manchester City v Liverpool

08/04/2023 Liverpool v Arsenal

15/04/2023 Leeds United v Liverpool

22/04/2023 Liverpool v Nottingham Forest

25/04/2023 West Ham United v Liverpool

29/04/2023 Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur

06/05/2023 Liverpool v Brentford

13/05/2023 Leicester City v Liverpool

20/05/2023 Liverpool v Aston Villa

28/05/2023 Southampton v Liverpool



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