10 Most Expensive Football Transfers in Football History

We have compiled a list of the most expensive football transfers in the history of football and who holds the number one position will shock you.

most expensive football transfers
most expensive transfers

Footballers have been known to make moves to different clubs in the world of football. The shocking part is that football clubs are willing to pay any amount to make this happen. We have compiled a list of the most expensive football transfers in the history of football and who holds the number one position will shock you.


The fact that a list of the most expensive transfers of all time in the world of football exists lets us know how valuable a player is and how profitable the game of football can get over time. Although some clubs that broke the bank for players on this list are currently battling with debt, the fact that they took such a huge step is what puts them on our list. The pandemic put a hold on a whole lot of things in football, including some clubs’ finances; this, however, did not restrict their spending in any way because the amount they would later go on to profit was usually double or more than the amount spent. Well, this depends on how valuable the player is to the football community.

Some players have turned out to be bad investments while others have made their clubs more valuable. Some, however, are still recent signings, making it hard to determine how much of an impact they have had on a club.

In the football community, specific clubs are often categorized as money clubs. This is because the owners of these clubs are worth more than a fortune, while some of these clubs are knee-deep in investments that generate a huge income, or profit, as most would see it. Examples of these clubs are PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and the recent addition to the list, Newcastle.

The amount invested in the game of football skyrocketed since the days of having Ronaldo making an outrageous move to Real Madrid for a whopping amount of 80 Million pounds or Manchester City making an audacious bid for Lionel Messi at 100 million pounds.

Paris Saint-Germain shocked the world of football in the summer of 2017 when they made the biggest signing in club football history by bringing Neymar Jr. to France for a whopping amount of €222 million. They did not stop there, as they went on to sign Kylian Mbappe from Monaco for €145 million-plus €35 million in bonuses. Regardless of how many years have passed, Neymar Jr. and Mbappe continue to be the most expensive football transfers in club football history.

Barcelona, the Spanish La Liga giants, were not left out of the race as they attempted to fill the void left by Neymar Jr. by making shocking signings for youngster Ousmane Dembele in 2017  ($105 million), Philippe Coutinho in 2018, and Antoine Griezmann in 2019  (both €120 million).

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For the first time in Atletico Madrid’s history they went all out for the attacking talent Joao Felix for a staggering sum of €126m while Real Madrid filled the big shoes Ronaldo had left begind by bringing in Eden Hazard from Chelsea to the Santiago Bernabeu for €100 million.we compiled the top ten players that became the most expensive transfers in football history and they include: 

1NeymarBarcelona – PSG2017€222m
  2Kylian MbappeMonaco – PSG2017€145m (+€35m)
3Joao FelixBenfica – Atletico Madrid 2019 €126m
 =4Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool – Barcelona2018€120m (+€40m)
=4Antoine GriezmannAtletico Madrid – Barcelona 2019€120m
6Jack GrealishAston Villa – Manchester City 2021 €117m
7Romelu LukakuInter Milan – Chelsea 2021 €115m
 =8Ousmane DembeleBorussia Dortmund – Barcelona 2017€105m (+€45m)
=8Paul PogbaJuventus – Manchester United 2016 €105m
 10Gareth BaleTottenham – Real Madrid 2013€100.8m

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