Top 10 Tanzanian Songs Of 2022


As we are on the verge of saying goodbye to 2022, we have summed up the best songs released in Tanzania this year. These are the tracks that made the Tanzanian music industry solid like never before starring Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz, Phina, and many more. 

In 2022, Marioo felt scared with Naogopa, Jay Melody became a lover boy with Nakupenda, Zuchu's love became hot like Fire while Kontawa became a household name with Champion

Based on streams, Impact and content, read our top picks for Best Songs In Tanzania In 2022. 

10. Star - Mabantu 

Everything about Mabantu's star is easy and that's what makes the song special. You don't need a Berklee Music College degree to know that Mabantu tried to run the streets with this song and they did when it dropped as the song became an anthem from Dar Es Salaam to Kigoma

As Star became a hot topic on the streets, its heat reached the doorsteps of BET Awards winner, Rayvanny, who hopped in the remix, and even though the song did not stand to be Mabantu's biggest offering this year it was without a doubt out their best. 

Star - Mabantu

9. Upo Nyonyo 

2 Months after her win as the Best Upcoming Artist In Tanzania, Phina, landed her first top 10 hit with her Bongo Fleva rooted Upo Nyonyo. The song became a national obsession thanks to its explosive chorus that made many sweet sixteens on Tiktok very happy. 

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The song has so far amassed about 8 Million views on YouTube and Phina's performance of Upo Nyonyo to President Samia Suluhu Hassan in early December was also proof that the singer truly deserved the "Best Female Performer" win at the 2022 Tanzania Music Awards

Upo Nyonyo - Saraphina

8. I Miss You - Rayvanny Featuring Zuchu 

"I Miss You" finds a sweet spot between Baibuda and Bongo Fleva and lyrically, the song stands to be one of the best heartbreak songs in Tanzania. 

From the emotional vocal interplay between Rayvanny and Zuchu to the melancholic lyrics that will stick with you long after the song is over, "I Miss You" proved once again that Rayvanny deserved that BET Award. 

I Miss You was complimented by a blockbuster music video which according to Rayvanny, the video is the most expensive Tanzanian music video ever created. 

I Miss You - Rayvanny Featuring Zuchu

7. Amelowa - Harmonize 

The only criticism you can make out of Harmonize's Amelowa is that it is too short and everything about this Bongo Fleva Tune acts as a reminder that Harmonize is one of the best songwriters in Tanzania right now.

Amelowa blew up on Tiktok and Instagram and went to number 1 on Audiomack Charts Tanzania and this song left no doubt in anyone's mind that Harmonize is truly a "Teacher" who knows how to teach people how to dance. 

Amelowa - Harmonize

6. Champion 

When Kontawa said "Ukija mtaani kwangu kutwa defender kukimbizana Januari mpaka Desemba " we all knew he comes from the streets and that he knows exactly what the majority of Tanzanians experience. 

What made Champion a great song is its relatable lyrics that resonated with the Tanzanian middle class and in his bid to spice up the song, Harmonize, hopped in the remix and made Champion more appealing to fans. 

Champion - Kontawa Featuring Nay Wa Mitego

5. Mtasubiri - Diamond Platnumz Featuring Zuchu 

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu understand that good music alone is not enough to make a hit song and a little bit of showbiz, makes up numbers. 

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Mtasubiri dropped at the time when dating rumors between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu were at their peak and the whole project felt like an official statement from the two artists to the press that aimed to address the rumors and without a doubt, Mtasubiri is one of the best duets ever released in Bongo Fleva. 

Mtasubiri - Diamond Platnumz Featuring Zuchu

4. Marry Me - Barnaba Classic Featuring Marioo 

In our review released in September 2022, we pointed out how and why Marry Me is the best song from Barnaba's Love Sounds Different. 

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From its addictive repetitive guitar, Barnaba's outstanding introduction of Marioo at the beginning of the song to Marioo's bait and switch vocal strategy, Marry Me is, without a doubt, one of the best collaborations released in Tanzania this year. 

Marry Me - Barnaba Classic Featuring Marioo

3. Fire - Zuchu 

Initially, Zuchu wanted to feature her boss, Diamond Platnumz in this song but later changed her mind and decided to go solo. 

Unlike Jaro, Zuchu's Fire is her call to appeal to her local East African fans and that's why she decided to remain true to Bongo Fleva roots. Fire is Zuchu's best offering this year as it amassed 21 M streams on Boomplay becoming her most streamed song in 2022. 

Fire - Zuchu

2. Nakupenda

From the moment Nakupenda was released, Jay Melody's career has never been the same. The song took Jay Melody from an underrated music genius to a fully packaged Bongo Fleva Star who qualifies to be Bongo Fleva's export.  

With this fine and addictive Bongo Fleva Tune, Jay Melody made it clear that he does not need a big record label to make a hit song, only needs his sultry vocals and excellent songwriting to create a mega buzz. 

Nakupenda is now the most streamed Tanzanian single of all time on Boomplay while on YouTube the song has so far amassed about 21 Million streams.

Nakupenda - Jay Melody

1.Naogopa - Marioo Featuring Harmonize 

Naogopa is what happens when Harmonize who is known for his creative pen game and Marioo who is gifted in cultivating addictive bridges and catchy choruses meet. 

Naogopa is the perfect manifestation of Marioo's talent and everything about this song from its catchy chorus, and simple but addictive lyrics to the Kenny-directed music video makes it right for it to be crowned The Best Song In Tanzania In 2022. 

Naogopa - Marioo Featuring Harmonize