The 10 best Tanzanian albums of 2023


From Harmonize to Navy Kenzo, spanning the genres of Bongo Flava to R&B, it's accurate to assert that Tanzanian artists in 2023 made a concerted effort to generously entertain their fans. These are the best Tanzanian albums of 2023.

An image of Navy Kenzo, Harmonize, D Voice, Tommy Flavour

In 2023, Tanzania witnessed a shift away from albums as artists embraced a more individualistic approach, reverting to the tradition of releasing singles. Despite the scarcity of full-length albums, certain artists managed to provide well-curated bodies of work, ensuring that fans were thoroughly entertained. 

This year Harmonize tried to convince foreigners to Visit Bongo, Tommy Flavour made it known he is the Heir To The Throne of Tanzanian RnB and Platform made sure his talent is Above And Beyond other Gen Z Tanzanian singers in his debut EP. These are the best Tanzanian albums of 2023. 

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10. Above and Beyond

Artist - Platform  

Label - Abbah Music

Number of Tracks: 6

Date of Release: August 4, 2023

The only critique one might raise about the Above and Beyond EP  is its limited promotion. However, content-wise, this EP fulfils the long-standing desires of fans from Platform. In this collection, it feels like he has ventured into creating mature music, transcending his previous work and presenting something larger than himself.

9. Majani

Artist - P Funk Majani  

Label - Bongo Records

Number of Tracks: 14

Date of Release: November 11, 2023.

Majani emerges as the sole, robustly crafted hip-hop album in Tanzania for 2023. The Tanzanian producer collaborated with a lineup of rap heavyweights including Billnass, Country Wizzy, Whozu, Baba Levo, and more. 

This album not only offers a nostalgic glimpse into old Bongo Flava rap but also introduces listeners to the new era hip-hop sound in Tanzania and across East Africa.  

8. The Kid You Know Deluxe Edition

Artist - Marioo

Label - Bad Nation

Number of Tracks - 21

Date of Release - May 11, 2023

In the deluxe edition of the album, Marioo introduced three standout tracks: the Amapiano hit Tomorrow, the lively Singeli tune Tunamjua, and the Bongo Flava single Sing. Each song quickly became hit, highlighting Marioo's ability to seamlessly switch between genres, demonstrating his capacity to excel in any musical style he chooses.

7. Three Hearts - Yammi 

Artist - Ymmi

Label - The African Princess

Number of Tracks - 3

Date of Release - January 19, 2023.

Since Zuchu's 2020 debut EP, I am Zuchu, no body of work has resonated more with fans of Tanzania's coastal Baibuda Bongo Flava sounds than Yammi's Three Hearts. In this EP, Yammi skillfully highlights her dazzling, piercing vocals, celebrating love and delving into the depths of heartbreak. The EP emerged as an ideal choice for women and TikTok enthusiasts across Tanzania in 2023.

6. Flowers III  

Artist - Rayvanny

Label - Next Level Music

Number of Tracks - 9

Date of Release - 12th, May

 Rayvanny crafted Flowers III by enlisting talents like Phina, Mac Voice, Jay Melody, and others, creating an intimate, romantic body of work that beautifully encapsulates the essence of love. 

This EP serves as a compelling reminder that Rayvanny stands unrivalled in Tanzania when it comes to the art of songwriting, especially in the sphere of romantic melodies.

5. 5

Artist - Abigail Chams

Label - Rockstar Africa

Number of Tracks - 6

Date of Release - September 29, 2023.

Abigail Chams' 5 marked a transformative journey from a teenage pop sensation to a fully established Bongo Flava star. 

As a Sony Music signee, she navigates the spectrum of life, celebrating joy and fun in tracks like Bata while eloquently expressing the beauty of love and making promises of enduring togetherness in Milele. This EP serves as a testament that the future of Tanzanian music is secure in the capable hands of Gen Z artists.

4. Most People Want This  

Artist - Navy Kenzo

Label - Empire

Number of Tracks - 12

Date of Release - March 18, 2023

Navy Kenzo, with their Most People Want This Album, opted for minimal collaborations, enlisting Nigeria's Fireboy DML to co-create an album that passionately delves into Tanzanian love and romanticism. The incorporation of the English language, along with a fusion of diverse international genres like R&B and reggae, sets this album apart as a unique effort in 2023—one that earnestly seeks to showcase Tanzanian music on a global scale.

3. Swahili Kid

Artist - D Voice

Label - WCB Wasafi

Number of Tracks - 10

Date of Release - November 17, 2023

D Voice, in his Swahili Kid project, demonstrated versatility beyond his Singeli roots. Now signed to Tanzania's premier record label, WCB Wasafi, he explored diverse genres like Amapiano, Bongo Fleva, Baibuda, and a touch of Afrobeats. With standout tracks like Bam Bam featuring Zuchu and Lolo, it's evident that D Voice has crafted one of the standout Tanzanian albums of the year.

2. Heir To The Throne

Artist - Tommy Flavour

Label - Kings Music

Number of Tracks - 16

Date of Release - 28th, July

In Heir To Throne, Tommy Flavour appears to be on a mission to revive the waning R&B genre in Tanzania. The reception of his debut album has been positive, earning him hits like Nakuja, marking a significant success since his entry into the music scene.

1.Visit Bongo

Artist - Harmonize

Label - Konde Music Worldwide

Number of Tracks - 14

Date of Release - November 24, 2023

Harmonize's latest album, Visit Bongo, stands out with hits like Single Again, Side Nigga, Hawaniwezi, and Personal Trainer, making it undoubtedly the best Tanzanian album of 2023. In this musical endeavour, Harmonize not only displayed ambitions to conquer the international music scene, reminiscent of his high school days, but also delved into raw emotions, akin to his earlier work in Made For Us. The album's harmonious balance between ambition and emotional expression marks it as one of Harmonize's finest creations to date.