20 Best Tanzanian Music Videos of 2023


The Tanzanian music video landscape in 2023 can be aptly summarized as the playground of remarkable storytelling. From Marioo, Zuchu, and Diamond Platnumz these are the best Tanzanian music videos of 2023  

An image showing Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Harmonize and Jux

The dedication showcased by Tanzanian directors such as Folex, Ivan, and Kenny this year in crafting music videos that meet international standards is truly remarkable. Music video directors shifted away from depending on studio sets, opting instead to venture outdoors and craft captivating narratives.


From Diamond Platnumz’s Yatapita movie-like thriller and Zuchu’s inspirational Naringa music video to Tommy Flavour’s blockbuster visuals of Nakuja, these are the best Tanzanian music videos of 2023. 

20. Single Again Remix  

Artist - Harmonize 

Director - Pink 

 Label - Konde Music Worldwide 

Harmonize is well aware of the enduring appeal of Bongo Naija music collaborations in Tanzania. 

Recognizing the magnitude of shooting with one of Nigeria's foremost stars, he enlisted Director Pink to helm the visuals for the Single Again Remix. This collaboration emerges as Harmonize's most significant visual endeavor in 2023.

19. Mambo Matano 

Artist - Lady Jaydee 

Director - Nicklass 

Label - Indie

In the Mambo Matano music video, Lady Jaydee once again asserts her supremacy, akin to her approach in Ndi Ndi Ndi, showcasing herself as the unrivalled queen of crafting music videos that playfully tease former lovers, reminiscent of Taylor Swift's style.

 The video's simplicity in its set design, along with a meticulously detailed and well-crafted storyline, turns it into a captivating visual feast.

18. Puuh

Artist - Billnass

Label - 

Director - Hanscana 

Occasionally, straightforward videos featuring beach vibes, fun, and dancing are just as enjoyable, and Director Hanscana nailed this approach in the Puuh music video. 

Jay Melody and Billnass collaborated to produce one of the hottest Hip Hop visuals of 2023, showcasing the power of simplicity and good vibes.

17. Yesa 

Artist - Chino Kidd & Jaivah 

Director - Joma 

Label - Bad Nation & Bxtra Records 

The video for Yesa, filmed entirely in a single location at the Warehouse in Masaki, stands out as an unconventional yet captivating piece. Despite the limited setting, it manages to keep fans visually engaged, steering clear of monotony.

The choreography, effortlessly executed and danceable, along with the choice of all-white outfits at the outset, contributes to a cinematic feel. The chemistry between Marioo, Jaivah, and Chino Kidd further enhances the project, turning it into an experience that transcends a typical music video. 

16. Tajiri 

Artist - Lava Lava 

Director - Ivan 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Tajiri appears to be an evolved rendition of Tunda Man's Starehe Gharama and Lady Jaydee's Yahaya, with the key distinction being its intricate storyline. 

Lava Lava's performance in the video stands out, showcasing excellent acting skills. Notably, this project marks a comeback for Lava Lava, who hadn't released any new content in a year prior to this video.

15. Lala 

Artist - B2K 

Director - Sniper OG 

 Label - Star Beats Entertainment 

Seeing B2K emotionally perform in a compact swimming pool amidst a slum, Vanillah suspended in front of a crowd, singing with pained eyes, and later donning a wedding dress marked one of the most iconic scenes in a music video in 2023.

It clearly illustrates that Director Snipper's creativity thrives on the understanding that a compelling music video relies more on concept than extravagant budgets

14. Let It Go 

Artist -  Country Wizzy

Label - Bxtra Records 

Director - Chris VMC 

Country Wizzy had to travel to Vienna Austria to shoot the music video for Let It Go and as expected he brought one of the best visuals he has ever created. 

The video brought a layer of emotional vulnerability to fans particularly the memorable scene where Country Wizzy is seen engaging in a fight for the woman he loves. 

13. Wote  

Artist - Harmonize 

Label - Konde Music Worldwide 

Director - Ivan 

Wote is an ideal video for those deeply in love, savouring the romantic nuances of life. Feza Kessy's exceptional acting as the video vixen breathed vibrant energy into the project, sparking rumours among many that she and Harmonize might be romantically involved off-screen.

12. Tomorrow

Artist - Marioo 

Label - Bad Nation 

Director - Kenny 

While Marioo had nothing much to say in the Tomorrow music video and the choreography fell slightly short, one area where Marioo truly shone was in his excellent location choices. 

Taking viewers on a journey from Mwendo Kasi buses in Dar Es Salaam to Tanzania's largest library at UDSM, along with captivating cityscapes, Marioo undeniably crafted one of the standout visual masterpieces of 2023.

11. Sele 

Artist - Mbosso 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Director - Ivan 

It's more than accurate to claim that Sele stood out as one of the most anticipated Tanzanian music videos in 2023, and true to expectations, Mbosso delivered with flair. 

The video's potent mix of humor, a compelling narrative featuring a dwarf actor as Sele, and impeccably executed choreography by Tanzanian dancers like Setfiby, solidified its status as one of the year's most iconic visuals in Tanzania.

10. Wewe Hapo 

Artist - Lony Bway 

Label - Dream Cash 

Director - Joma 

The underlying message in the Wewe Hapo video cautions against entrusting heavyweight superstars like Marioo with your girlfriend, even if they generously offer a free music video.

 In an industry that has long lacked such narrative depth, Wewe Hapo arrives at the perfect moment, introducing a storytelling element that adds a fresh perspective to the music scene

9. Utaniua

Artist - Zuchu 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Director - Ivan 

Since stepping into the scene in the early 2010s, Diamond Platnumz has graced various music videos, including Zezeta by Rayvanny, Cheza Kwa Madoido by Yamoto Band, and Ibaki Story by Rich Mavoko. 

However, none of his cameo appearances demanded more attention than in Utaniua. Diamond Platnumz unexpectedly featured in this video, which embraced a Romeo and Juliet-esque storyline, creating an epic and mouth-watering experience for viewers.

8. Enjoy

Artist - Jux 

Label - African Boy 

Director - Folex 

In the Enjoy music video, the moment when Diamond Platnumz exits, leaving two women in a clash over his infidelity on a bed serves as clear proof that the video caters to the audience of non-conforming men who embrace the concept of polygamy.

Even though the video seemed like a budget-style showdown between Diamond Platnumz and Jux, the duo showcased excellent on-screen chemistry, complemented by the contributions of Whozu, G Nako, Rayvanny, Moni Centrozone, and Lava Lava, who all made noteworthy cameos in the music video.

7. Nakuja 

Artist - Tommy Flavour 

Label - Kings Music 

Director - Azad Wastar 

Kings Music label is notorious for scrimping on music video resources, but Tommy Flavour's Nakuja featuring Marioo defied the trend. It goes beyond a typical music video, presenting a documentary-style visual that incorporates real-life figures like Mwijaku and Vido Vidox from Ayo TV. 

The narrative, production quality, and, above all, the storyline command a standing ovation, marking Nakuja as Tommy Flavour's most significant visual masterpiece to date.

6. Nitongoze 

Artist - Rayvanny 

Label - Next Level 

Director - Ivan 

Purely judging by its exceptional quality, Rayvanny's Nitongoze music video can stand as a strong contender for Tanzania's representation in prestigious awards like the USA-based Video Music Awards (VMA) or even the Grammys in the Best Music Video category. 

Considering the individuals involved, the dedicated crew, and the meticulous preparations, it wouldn't be surprising if Nitongoze secured a spot as one of the most expensive Tanzanian music videos released in 2023.

5. Sumu

Artist - Ali Kiba 

Label - Kings Music 

Director - Kenny 

Within just 7 minutes, Director Kenny skillfully unfolded a compelling narrative in Sumu's music videos, showcasing the charismatic portrayal of an unfaithful and promiscuous conman by the exceptionally talented Gabo Zigamba, a leading figure in Tanzanian cinema. 

Despite a few technical and directorial hiccups, the video boasted one of the most captivating plots, prompting calls for a full-length feature film from the esteemed Tanzanian director, Lamata Leah.

4. Naringa  

Artist : Zuchu 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Director - Sesam Zomboko 

In 2023 if you were in search of motivation, inspiration, and a glimmer of hope amidst life's challenges, the go-to video was undoubtedly Zuchu's Naringa.

In this particular video, Zuchu exuded a poised demeanour, steering away from overtly sensual elements while donning a striking wardrobe and maintaining a playful vibe.

It stands out as one of the rare Zuchu videos that you can comfortably enjoy in the company of your parents.

3.  Zuwena 

Artist - Diamond Platnumz 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Director - Ivan 

Zuwena took the scene by storm upon its release, propelling the actress in the music video into instant fame. 

Her impeccable portrayal of Zuwena captured widespread attention and marked one of the rare instances in the contemporary Bongo Flava music market where a video catapulted its star to stardom.

2. Amepotea 

Artist - Mbosso 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Director - Ivan 

Released on the same day as the audio, Mbosso's Amepotea video delivered one of the most captivating storylines of 2023. 

Its suspenseful narrative, unexpected plot twists, and impressive portrayal of Swahili culture make a strong case for extending it into a full-length Bongo Movie film.


Artist - Diamond Platnumz 

Label - WCB Wasafi 

Director -Ivan 

It's been ages since Diamond Platnumz showcased his humble, down-to-earth side in a music video, portraying the broke, everyday Joe Schmoe. But at the beginning of 2023, Diamond Platnumz treated fans to exactly what they've longed for—a nostalgic glimpse into the persona they've missed for so long.

Yatapita which is the most-watched East African music video on YouTube in 2023, resonates with many people, especially men who are struggling to make ends meet for their spouses. 

It is not an understatement to say that Yatapita was the trendsetter for 2023, shaping the music video landscape as Tanzanian artists shifted away from Director Kenny-themed music videos dominated by elaborate sets. Instead, they embraced a narrative approach, focusing on storytelling, a trend that undeniably took centre stage throughout the year.