The Top 20 Tanzanian Songs Of 2023 


Tanzanian music shifted away from its signature bongo flava and towards South African amapiano sounds in 2023. These Are The Top 20 Tanzanian Songs Of 2023 

An image that shows 4 Tanzanian artists who Are Ali Kiba, Mbosso, Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu

In 2023, Tanzanian music underwent a remarkable transformation as it grooved to the infectious rhythm of Amapiano. This year marked a significant shift in Tanzanian music, with Amapiano taking center stage and reshaping the sound that had been dominated for years by Bongo Flava. The year's biggest release was undoubtedly an Amapiano track, demonstrating the genre's growing influence and popularity in the country. 

Chino Kidd emerged as a symbol of Amapiano music in Tanzania, embodying the genre's spirit and infusing it with his own unique style. His contribution to the Amapiano movement played a pivotal role in its rise to prominence within the Tanzanian music scene. Meanwhile, Ali Kiba, known for his signature Bongo Flava style, made a bold shift by embracing Amapiano, demonstrating the genre's versatility and its ability to attract established artists looking to explore new musical horizons.

Another noteworthy development in 2023 was Marioo's decision to take a break from releasing his usual back-to-back solo projects, including hits like Dear Ex and Bia Tamu. Instead, he chose to collaborate with Chino Kidd, Jaivah, and Abigail Chams, contributing to a year filled with Amapiano tracks that showcased the genre's diversity and potential for creative collaboration.

From chart-toppers like Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz to Ali Kiba, the Tanzanian music scene in 2023 was dominated by Amapiano-infused tracks. These artists embraced the genre with enthusiasm, blending their distinctive styles with Amapiano beats to create an unforgettable musical experience for fans. As a result, the top Tanzanian songs of 2023 were a vibrant fusion of Amapiano's infectious rhythms and the rich musical heritage of Tanzania, reflecting the dynamic evolution of the country's music industry

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Here are the top 20 Tanzanian songs of 2023. 

20. Watu Feki 

Artist: Appy 

Genre: Bongo Flava 

Label: - 

Release Date: July 27, 2023 

It felt like Appy emerged seemingly out of nowhere with her Bongo Flava anthem, Watu Feki, a Swahili phrase meaning “Fake People." As the title suggests, the song delivers fiery punches aimed at haters and phoney friends.

Even though she had previously released songs such as  Mr. Hater and Moyo Vs. Ubongo, it was Watu Feki that resonated with people and catapulted Appy a Mwanza-born and raised singer, to household name status in East Africa. 

19. Yesa 

Artist: Chino Kidd & Jaivah 

Genre: Amapiano

Featured Artist: Marioo 

Label: Bad Nation, Bxtra Records / Africori / Orchard 

Release Date: June 25, 2023 

It was all boring this year until Chino Kidd teamed with Jaivah and Marioo to create an uptempo Amapiano dance track titled Yesa that made all clubgoers enjoy their night outs around Tanzania 

Yesa draws its inspiration from childhood nursery rhymes, and it was delightful to witness how Chino and Jaivah, with the addition of Marioo, transformed this childhood tune into a club hit that we all embraced. 

This song solidified the fact that Chino Kidd and Jaivah are not one-hit wonders but firmly established Tanzanian stars.

18. Falling 

Artist : Nandy 

Genre : Amapiano 

Label : The African Princess / Ziiki 

Release Date : 9th May 

In 2023, Nandy pleasantly surprised everyone with her debut project titled Falling. This gentle Amapiano track showcases Nandy's profound journey into love, making it an ideal musical companion for Amapiano enthusiasts who are in love.

Falling unquestionably cemented the award-winning singer as a household name in Tanzania, and this project proudly stands as her standout song of 2023.

17. Ananipenda

Artist : Platform 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Featured Artist : Marioo 

Record Label : Abbah Music / Africori 

Release Date : 14th April 

In a harmonious reunion following their 2022 hit Fall, Platform and Marioo have once again collaborated on Ananipenda. Produced by Abbah, Ananipenda finds Platform and Marioo exuding confidence as they revel in the profound love they share with their partners.

The track, which has now garnered millions of streams on Boomplay and various streaming platforms, is prominently featured in Platform's EP titled Above & Beyond, which made its debut in August of this year.

16. Nani 

Artist : Abigail Chams 

Genre : Amapiano 

Featured Artist : Marioo 

Record Label : Rockstar Africa / Sony Africa 

Release Date : 16th March 

Abigail's inaugural foray into the Amapiano genre has proven to be an immense success, thanks to its relatable message and heartfelt lyrics. 

Nani has left an indelible mark on the streets, commandeered social media, and amassed substantial numbers on digital platforms. 

Notably, it stands as Abigail Chams' most-streamed single on Boomplay.

15. Utaniua 

Artist : Zuchu 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Record Label : WCB Wasafi / Ziiki 

Release Date : 10th February 

Utaniua, a captivating romantic ballad showcasing Zuchu's distinctive Baibuda style, was elevated by a blockbuster music video featuring an exciting cameo by Diamond Platnumz.

On Youtube Utaniua is the most watched Tanzanian music video by a female artist in 2023 while on Boomplay the song is the most streamed Tanzanian single by a female artist this year. 

14. Nakuja 

Artist : Tommy Flavour 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Featured Artist : Marioo 

Record Label : Kings Music / Ziiki 

Release Date : 2nd March 

Tommy Flavour’s Nakuja with Marioo was a great appetizer for Tommy’s debut album titled Heir To The Throne. The song enjoyed massive popularity due to its simple love lyrics and chorus that made the whole project sweet. 

It's accurate to label Nakuja as Tommy Flavour's most significant hit to date, supported by compelling evidence from Tanzania's leading streaming platforms, YouTube and Boomplay.

13. Sawa 

Artist: Jay Melody 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Record Label : - 

Release Date : 27th February 

Jay Melody's mesmerizing track Sawa stood as a compelling testament to his fans, emphasizing that his success wasn't a fluke, building upon his chart-topping hit Nakupenda in 2022.

Jay Melody's deeply romantic love ballad not only reaffirms his steadfast commitment to the Bongo Fleva genre but also stands as irrefutable evidence that he's a lasting presence in the music scene.

12. Wewe Hapo - Lony Bway Ft Marioo

Artist : Lony Bway 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Featured Artist : Marioo 

Record Label : Dream Cash / Africori 

Release Date : 29th August 

In 2023, Wewe Hapo, a heartfelt romantic single, took the Tanzanian music scene by storm, proving to be a formidable rival to Swahili Amapiano's dominance. 

Marioo's remarkable songwriting prowess shone through, captivating audiences as women across the nation joyfully lip-synced to the song's lyrics on TikTok throughout the day.illing to watch females snap themselves while singing the lyrics of the song on TikTok all day. 

11. Naringa 

Artist : Zuchu 

Genre : Amapiano 

Record Label : WCB Wasafi / Ziiki 

Release Date : 31st August 

In Naringa, Zuchu took a departure from the narratives of Nani and Honey. While she did experiment with Amapiano previously, this time, she blended a softer Amapiano sound with elements of Bongo Flava and Gospel.

Indeed, in Naringa, Zuchu strikes a balance where people can dance to the Amapiano rhythm while still grasping the message. 

10. Soup 

Artist : Jaivah & Marioo 

Genre : Amapiano 

Featured Artists : Chino Kidd, Scott London & Ks Hub 

Record Label : Bxtra Records & Bad Nation / Orchard / Africori 

Release Date : 4th March 

For Tanzanian club enthusiasts, the mere mention of Soup and the iconic line Nilikuwa Na Wanangu Kina Chino sent an electrifying surge of excitement coursing through the dancefloor as DJs unleashed its infectious beats. 

Soup catapulted Jaivah into the limelight in the Tanzanian music scene, turned Chino Kidd into a household name across East Africa, and played a pivotal role in cementing the Amapiano trend within the country.

9. Shisha 

Artist : Marioo 

Genre : Amapiano 

Featuring : Mr Nice, Cherry 

Record Label : Bad Nation / Africori  

Release Date : 13th October 

Marioo possesses a unique talent for creating end-of-year party anthems. In 2021, he delighted listeners with Beer Tamu,an Amapiano track tailored for those enjoying drinks at bars.

This year, he's taken his creativity a step further with Shisha, an energetic Amapiano composition that passionately conveys his affection for Shisha.

This song is built upon the foundation of Mr. Nice's timeless hit, King'asti, is enhanced by the vocals of Cherry, an emerging female artist from Tanzania and  it was truly fascinating to witness how Marioo has reimagined this classic Bongo Flava tune.

8. Nobody - Darassa 

Artist : Darassa 

Genre : Hip Hop 

Featured Artist : Bien 

Record Label : SMG / Ziiki 

Release Date : 24th February 

A lot of rappers have released songs in 2023 but none of them has been able to create a more thrilling hit song than Darassa’s Nobody, a captivating love escapade that has been an anthem in weddings in East Africa. 

Labeling Nobody as Darassa's biggest hit might be an overstatement. However, after Muziki and I Like It, it stands as his third significant release since his debut in the early 2010s.

In 2023, Nobody became Tanzania's biggest hip-hop hit and the most streamed hip-hop single on Boomplay

7. Sele - Mbosso 

Artist : Mbosso 

Genre : Amapiano 

Featured Artist : Chley 

Record Label : WCB Wasafi / Ziiki 

Release Date : 11th August 

Mbosso, renowned for his signature blend of Bongo Flava and Amapiano, had his fans dancing fervently to the rhythms of his Amapiano hit, Sele. In this track, he issues a warning and raises questions about the actions of an individual named Selemani, affectionately known as Sele.

Sele resonated with audiences universally, firmly establishing itself as Mbosso's top hit in 2023. It took TikTok by storm and once again underlined his prominence as one of the leading Amapiano forces in East Africa, following his earlier release of Sitaki.

6. Sumu 

Artist : Ali Kiba 

Genre : Amapiano 

Featuring : Marioo 

Record Label : Kings Music / Ziiki 

Release Date : 14th July 

Ali Kiba and Marioo have so far worked together in I Miss You, Sumu and Love Song but none of the songs is bigger than Sumu which is a beautiful blend of Bongo Flava and Amapiano released in the same day that Diamond Platnumz and Jux also released their party anthem Enjoy 

Sumu which is a Swahili word for Poison act as a moral compass addressing issues like deceit, dishonesty, and unfaithfulness.

Sumu marked Ali Kiba’s new musical direction as he officially embraced Amapiano and thanks to the Abbah well-catered beat, this song was everywhere in 2023. 

5. Yatapita 

Artist : Diamond Platnumz 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Record Label : WCB Wasafi / Ziiki 

Release Date : 20th January 

Bongo Flava enthusiasts erupted in joy in January when Diamond Platnumz unveiled Yatapita, a song signaling his triumphant return to his Bongo Flava roots.

With over 40 million views on YouTube, Yatapita currently stands as the most-watched Tanzanian music video of 2023 on the platform.

4. Mahaba - Ali Kiba 

Artist : Ali Kiba 

Genre : Bongo Flava 

Record Label : Kings Music / Ziiki 

Release Date : 17th February 

The only critique one could offer about Ali Kiba's Mahaba is that the video may not have fully lived up to the song's potential. 

Some might argue that such a powerful track deserved a more extravagant and cinematic music video, as opposed to a simple beachside performance by Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba's remarkable talent for artfully intertwining deep emotions, evocative imagery, and compelling storytelling is precisely what makes Mahaba stand out. It was evident to all that this song was a chart-topper when Ali Kiba passionately exclaimed, Natamani kuwa single, Ila nna-upwiru unakaba koo.

Mahaba stands as Ali Kiba's most significant track since his 2021 hit "Utu," solidifying his status as a formidable figure in the Bongo Flava genre.

3. Enjoy - Jux featuring Diamond Platnumz 

Artist : Jux 

Genre : Amapiano 

Label : African Boy / Africori 

Date Of Release : 14th July  

Enjoy is the second collaboration between Jux and Diamond Platnumz after their 2019 hit Sugua and as usual the two did not disappoint as they were able to do exactly what was expected of them. 

The party upbeat love song in which Jux and Diamond Platnumz encourage people to have fun sees a beautiful blend of Amapiano and Bongo Flava reigniting the memory of Spyro’s hit Who Is Your Guy? 

Despite a hiccup where YouTube temporarily removed Enjoy due to copyright claims from Congolese singer Sapologuano Odenumz, who believed the melody resembled his composition titled I Found Love,  the song remains to be Jux’s biggest hit and Diamond Platnumz’s biggest collaboration in 2023. 

2. Shuu  

Artist : Diamond Platnumz 

Genre : Amapiano 

Featured Artist : Chley 

Record Label : WCB Wasafi / Ziiki 

Release Date : 4th July 

Following the releases of "Yatapita" and "Zuwena," Diamond Platnumz took a six-month hiatus before returning with Shuu, a robust Amapiano track that resonated with a wide audience, including English footballer Jesse Lingard.

The secret behind Shuu lies in its meticulously honed Amapiano beat, which was then spiced up with a unique dancing style that involves shaking your shoulders, tossing imaginary items into the air, all while giving off an eerie, zombie-like twist.

Shuu stands as evidence of Diamond Platnumz and the Wasafi crew's journey into the Amapiano genre, demonstrating their efforts to captivate international audiences.

  1. Single Again 

Artist : Harmonize 

Genre : Amapiano 

Label : Konde Music Worldwide / Ziiki 

Date Of Release : 14th February, 2023 

You don't need a broken heart to savor the sweet sounds of Harmonize's Single Again. This gentle Swahili Amapiano track has taken the Tanzanian music scene by storm in 2023 and remains to be Harmonize’s biggest hit since his departure from WCB Wasafi. 

Single Again didn't stop at Tanzania's borders; it reached a global audience as even Nigerian singer Ruger jumped on the remix, which was released in August this year.