Biography: Meet the talented DJ Ally B, the king of Tanzanian nightlife


If you are in Tanzania and you are familiar with phrases like Nasemaje and Asumanii then it's highly likely that you have heard about DJ Ally B who now stands as one of the most prominent DJs in the Tanzanian music industry. Here is the full biography of DJ Ally B, the king of Tanzanian nightlife. 

Regular Warehouse, Samaki Samaki and even Barra Beach attendees would in most cases agree that DJ Ally B is not an average DJ. 

His energy when on deck, showmanship the infectious energy he brings in his shows are better and surpasses most of the so-called A List Tanzania artists making him a sought-after talent booked almost every weekend. 

In an interview with the renowned Tanzanian TV host Salaam Jabir on the Salama Na TV show, DJ Ally B revealed that what fuels his high energy during performances is his belief that each gig is like an audition for another DJing opportunity, which is why he puts his all into every show.

"Every gig that I get, I usually see that as an opportunity to get another one and I do all that because I value what I have been offered regardless of how little it is."  Said Ally B in his conversation with Salama Jabir

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This philosophy has undoubtedly been the key to Ally B's success, as sources indicate he is now the highest-earning DJ in Tanzania, boasting brand partnerships with major companies.

Scroll to read the biography of DJ Ally B and 7 things you should know about the heavyweight Tanzanian DJ : 

  1. Early life and childhood 

Ally Suleiman Simba, popularly known as DJ Ally B, hails from Moshi, Tanzania. His mother belongs to the Pare Tribe, while his father, Suleiman Simba is of the Zaramo tribe.

In various interviews, Ally B revealed he came from a modest background and left school at an early age. 

Before becoming a DJ, he took on various jobs such as carpentry, working as a mechanic in a garage, selling grapes and honey, and even working as a sugarcane harvester at TPC. At one point, he also worked as a bus driver and conductor.

Ally B is also the older brother of DJ Khallyracky, a rising star among Tanzanian DJs, who delivered a remarkable performance at Kill Marathon show in February of this year.

2. Uniqueness and signature style

Ally B stands out among Tanzanian DJs with his distinctive catch phrases like Nasemaje, Asumanii, and Kula Nyama Nyamaza, which have taken many by surprise and have become popular expressions on the streets, earning him a widespread following.

His strong presence on social media is what truly sets DJ Ally B apart, with his viral Friday videos of him singing and hyping in his luxurious cars him earning him widespread attention on social media, ultimately leading to a special appearance alongside Tanzania's leading rapper, Darassa, in his 2023 music video, Mind Your Business.

DJ Ally B's Instagram features short clips of him dancing, hyping, and singing to various songs in diverse settings like up on a tree, in a swimming pool, or even in a Mwanza slum neighbourhood.

These short Instagram, TikTok-like style clips have distinguished him and earned him a strong social media following. They're meticulously directed and edited by the Tanzanian director, Director Sunny, who also directed the music video for  Basupa by DJ Ally B and Young D.

3. Venturing into Djing

Ally B's journey into DJing began around 2005 while he was a dancer living with his parents. A friend named Kassim, who worked as a DJ at Malindi Club, admired Ally B's music taste and would occasionally ask him to mix songs for the club.

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One day, due to a family emergency, Kassim requested Ally B to cover for him. Kassim returned days later, and Ally B had to leave, but he received a call from Kassim, who conveyed that the club owner wanted to meet him.

In their meeting, the Club Head expressed a keen interest in employing Ally, noting the crowd's fascination with his skills behind the turntables. DJ Ally B was hired, starting with a monthly salary of Tsh 35,000, marking the beginning of his DJ career.

Following his stint at Malindi Club, DJ Ally B went on to work at Velocity NightClub. Around 2008, he sought opportunities in Kenya and Uganda but eventually returned to Tanzania.

Over time, he connected with the then young Hanscana who suggested that Ally B send direct messages to the owners of Mbalamwezi and Maisha Club on Facebook. The owner of Mbalamwezi responded, and Ally B travelled to Dar Es Salaam, securing a DJ position at Mbalamwezi Beach Club.

4. Founding Simba Scratch Academy 

DJ Ally B has played a pivotal role in fostering emerging talents within Tanzania through his renowned Simba Scratch Academy, known as the leading DJ Academy in the country. 

Later, he also found a job at Maisha Club and eventually established the Simba Scratch Academy, which is now Tanzania's premier school for young DJs.

Situated in Makumbusho, Dar Es Salaam, this academy is under the leadership of DJ Ally B and benefits from the expertise of accomplished DJs, including DJ Khallyracky, EFM's DJ Delvick, and several others. 

Notably, Ally B is recognized as the mentor of DJ Mamy, who clinched the title of Best Female DJ at the 2023 Tanzania Music Awards.

5. Brand deals and endorsements

Over the course of his career, DJ Ally B has secured various endorsement deals, collaborating as an influencer and brand ambassador with renowned brands.

He has notably partnered with some of Tanzania's major players, including the prominent CRDB bank, the mobility giant Indrive, Coca-Cola for their Coke Studio campaign, KFC Tanzania, and many others.

In addition to his brand affiliations, Ally B has garnered recognition as the most sought-after and highest-paid DJ in Tanzania in 2023.

His impressive portfolio includes performances at exclusive venues like Warehouse Masaki, Samaki Samaki, and Barra Beach, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the high-profile party scene.

6. Awards and accolades

At the 2023 Tanzania Music Awards, DJ Ally B secured the title of Best Male DJ, outshining fellow Tanzanian DJs like DJ Sniper, DJ Massu, DJ Spesso, and DJ Virus TZ.

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Furthermore, DJ Ally B emerged victorious in the East Africa Arts Entertainment Awards as the Best East African DJ, triumphing over competitors such as DJ Lite, Selecta Jeff, and Rj The DJ, who serves as the official DJ for Diamond Platnumz.

7. Songs & Discography

DJ Ally B, like many contemporary DJs worldwide, has engaged in collaborations with various artists to produce music. In his debut venture, Basupa, Ally B partnered with Tanzanian rapper Young D, resulting in a notable track.

Furthermore, Ally B joined forces with the Tanzanian music duo Mabantu for the song Tunakuchora, which received critical acclaim upon it's release.

Beyond his original works, Ally B has also made cameo appearances and provided voice overs for projects involving Tanzanian artists like Yaya by Rayvanny, Diamond Platnumz, and Jux, as well as Mr DJ by Maua Sama, and Mind Your Business by Darassa.