Meet Yammi, Bongo Fleva's Next Big Thing


Yammi is running the Tanzanian streets right now with her debut EP titled 3 Hearts especially her heartbreak-themed hit Naumia which has been well-received by fans. Read the biography of Yammi and things you didn't know about Bongo Fleva's next big thing. 

In the Bongo Flava music industry which is mainly a male-dominated space, Yammi has been able to get a front-row seat. Her sound, which is a mixture of Taarab and Bongo Fleva famously known as Baibuda, is as sweet as her name suggests. 

Yammi Biography

As One Of The Artists, We Featured In This Year's List Of The 8 Rising Artists To Watch Out For In 2023, Scroll To Read The Biography Of Yammi And 5 Things You Should Know About Her.

Her Real Name And Age. 

Yammi's real name is Yasirun Yassin Shaban and she was born on 12th May 2002. She comes from Mwanza but was raised in Dar Es Salaam. She is the firstborn of her mother who has two kids and a third child with her father. According to Yammi, she is the first person in her family to pursue music and her mother was previously reluctant about her career choice.

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Her Music Style 

In simple and plain language, Yammi is a Baibuda artist, meaning her sound has influences of Taarab from the coast and Bongo Fleva which is Tanzania's mainstream genre. Her debut EP 3 Hearts was a perfect illustration of her sound that resonated with many music fans.

Other Tanzanian artists who also sing in Baibuda include Lavalava, Mbosso, Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu

Yammi Biography

Early Life. 

Yammi started at an early age and she started taking music seriously in Advanced High School as she was attending different singing auditions and started to upload videos on Tiktok. 

Her Tiktok videos caught the attention of different artists and even once performed on Wasafi Fm. 

Nandy, after seeing her videos on Tiktok decided to track her down through her manager who in turn contacted Yammi and disclosed that Nandy was ready to sign her in her label The African Princess. After meeting Nandy, Yammi was signed to the label and on 20th January she was officially unveiled as the new artist. 

@officialyammi @Kondela ♬ original sound - Yammi

Education Level 

In an interview with Rick Media, Yammi disclosed that she just finished her High School education at Kisutu High School and was about to enrol at IFM but when the opportunity came to sign with The African Princess Label she decided to pursue music. 

Musical Influence 

Growing up, Yammi recently explained that she has been a fan of Indian music and has been listening to legendary Tanzanian singer, Ray C a lot. Also, many fans have compared her Baibuda music style to Zuchu. 


Yammi - Namchukia