Most Viewed Tanzanian Music Videos On Youtube In 2023 | SEE LIST


In the Tanzanian music scene, music videos are part and parcel of the music industry, and it is for that reason artists usually spend Millions of money trying to create well-crafted visuals. See the list of the most viewed Tanzanian music videos in 2023 so far: 

In 2023, Diamond Platnumz teamed up with Ivan to thrill fans with Yatapita; Harmonize made history with Director Kenny's assisted “Single Again”, while Tommy Flavour created a blockbuster for his reigning hit “Nakuja”. 

In 2023, here are the most viewed Tanzanian music videos on Youtube so far : 

1.Yatapita - Diamond Platnumz (30 Million Views) 

Yatapita was Diamond Platnumz’s official return to the Bongo Fleva music scene and his comeback was well received by fans as the video of the song received 10 Million views in less than a month. 

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The Ivan-directed music has so far amassed 30 Million views on Youtube and therefore stands to be the most-viewed Tanzanian music video on Youtube in 2023, so far. 

2. Zuwena - Diamond Platnumz (21 Million Views) 

Diamond Platnumz’s Zuwena music video was a blockbuster that was spiced with good storytelling and cinematic shots from Director Ivan. 

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This video is living proof that Tanzanian artists don’t have to fly to South Africa to shoot international standard music videos. 

3. Single Again - Harmonize (14 Million Views) 

Its thrilling to see how Harmonize was able to monetize his heartbreak and finally create a blend of Bongo Fleva and Amapiano that turned out to be an African anthem. 

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With 14 Million views on Youtube, Single Again by Harmonize stands to be one of the most viewed Tanzanian music videos on Youtube in 2023 so far. 

4. Mahaba - Ali Kiba (12 Million Views) 

Ali Kiba is a master when it comes to minimalism, and the Mahaba lyrics video that used only one location from the start to the end is a testament to his love of simplicity. 

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The video is very simple but very detailed, showing Ali Kiba’s emotions and incredible performance throughout. 

5. Nitasema - Jay Melody (10 Million Views) 

Just like 2022, 2023 is also another year that Jay Melody keeps pounding hit after hit and with Nitasema, the THT Alumni is making it loud and clear that he is here to stay and slay. 

6. Utaniua - Zuchu ( 8.2 Million Views) 

It seems Zuchu’s decision to feature Diamond Platnumz as the vixen in this video turned out to be a Midas Touch, as the video became an instant success only a few hours after its release. 

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Utaniua is Zuchu’s most viewed music video in 2023 and based on the impact that the video has had on Youtube, it seems nothing is going to change anytime soon. 

7.  Sawa - Jay Melody (7.7 Million Views) 

Jay Melody’s Sawa is a perfect video to watch when you are on a picnic or vacation with your partner, and what makes the video so thrilling to watch is how the Director used simple locations to capture the essence of the song. 

8. Nitongoze - Rayvanny Ft Diamond Platnumz (7.3 Million Views) 

Crowned as the Best Collaboration Song At The 2023 Tanzania Music Awards, Nitongoze by Rayvanny, without a doubt, deserves all the buzz it has been getting. 

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The music video of the song directed by Ivan caused a stir on social media upon its release. 

9. Puuh - Billnass Ft Jay Melody (7.1 Million Views) 

The most watched Tanzanian Hip Hop music video in 2023 is Puuh by Billnass, featuring the talented Jay Melody. 

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Director Hanscana had nothing much to say in the video in terms of storytelling, but the video is a perfect reflection of the song’s lyrics as it celebrates love and embraces positive energy. 

10. Nakuja - Tommy Flavour Ft Marioo 

Everything about Nakuja Music Video by Tommy Flavour is phenomenal, and while Kings Music record label is known for its minimalistic marketing approach, this video screams the opposite. 

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Nakuja video features the famous internet personality Mwijaku and Vido Vidox from Ayo TV. The hype behind the video, professional cinematography and amazing acting performances from Marioo and Tommy Flavour made the whole project texturise as a Hollywood blockbuster.