7 Reasons Why Davido's Fans Are Anticipating 'A Better Time' Album


Show me a megastar and I will show you a mega fan base. Why? Because the success of an artist is a reflection of the strength of his/her fan base. Fans are the reason the music industry exists; all fans listen to music but not all music listeners are fans. Our preferences as humans spur in us different interests, therefore if you exhibit a strong interest or admiration in a product, brand or person, then you are a fan. An old saying goes thus; those that do not stand for something will 'FALL' for anything.



Atlanta-born, Lagos-raised star and new generation Afrobeat king, Davido, who made his mark in the Nigerian music industry with his monster hit 'Dami Duro' over 8 years ago, has grown in relevance and impact with a massive following home and abroad. With back to back hit songs, international accolades, music awards, and an ever-growing fan base worldwide, Davido's fans eagerly anticipate the release of 'A Better Time, dropping this Friday, the 13th of November 2020. Behind everything, there is a reason, and even though our reasons might differ, I have taken the initiative to express what I believe to be the reasons why Davido's fans are anticipating A Better Time album.


The Pandemic

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus altered the course of things globally, and Davido's US tour was altered as well. A nationwide lockdown meant no tours, no physical shows, and creating music was Davido's way of not just passing time, but feeling fulfilled.

As seen in some of his interviews, he expressed how he never planned on a creating A.B.T album because he was touring the US to promote his previously released album, 'A Good Time'. Then the pandemic happened. Songs that could make a 3 album compilation were created, out of which, 17 songs were selected for A.B.T.

Having been quarantined in the studio and observing all A.B.T-19 rules, Davido steps out with sanitized hands and a monster-hit mask. Mariam Monroe once said: "sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come in". Since the good times have paved way for better, fans anticipate nothing short of an even better delivery compared to the last.

Home Cooked Album (#OldDavidoIsBack)

My stomach rumbles from the inviting aroma perceived from imagining a house filled with chefs in their production rights. Same house with ever-hungry foodies such as Davido and geng, to a buffet of beats, creatively dished out on the table of music enthusiasts. (Yummy right? Even Chef Chi couldn't come close).

The coinage #OldDavidoIsBack centres around the extra magic that happens when he is surrounded by his producers, songwriters and immediate family. As a result of the worldwide pandemic, Davido's album 'A Better Time' is proudly Made In Nigeria, unlike A Good Time album which was tough to create because of the distance barrier between him and his producers. Davido was in America at that time and therefore was receiving beats via mails and communicating via phone calls.

Nevertheless, since Nigerian dishes are one to die for, Davido's fans are definitely feening for a tasty A.B.T Nigerian Jollof.

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The battle of the GOATs

Davido and Wizkid

Nigerian music fans take their keen interest in their music faves very personally. It's somewhat like a cult, and when it comes to having the back of their music icons; they become fierce, especially when the GOAT discussion comes up. The quest for securing the GOAT title often breeds a comparison between fans of two megastars.

Just like the football comparison between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, the GOAT title tussle on social media, when it comes to Nigerian music fans, is often between Wizkid's fans (Wizkid FC) and Davido's fans (30BG). The 30BG crew is highly anticipating their GOAT's album so that they can spark the best album conversation.


O.B.O's competitive Spirit

I recall Davido telling Ebuka during a BlackBoxInterview that the haters keep him going. Davido better fits the illustration of someone making a brick house from the stones being thrown at him by haters. Omo Baba Olowo himself might be born with a silver spoon but hustles like he wasn't born with cutleries at all. His work rate, hunger, and hard work have been likened to his football Icon, C. Ronaldo, Davido even has a customized CR7 diamond pendant.

davido rema


The so-called 'Frog voice' - a nickname Wizkid coined during one of their spats - did not only transform into a musical Prince Charming, but solidified his place at the top as music royalty. That energy comes alive when "e be like dem don they talk too much, FEM". The self-acclaimed baddest has a reputation for making a big statement with his music, lifestyle, squad, label, and everything in between.

Davido "FEM"

Davido "FEM"


The star-studded features 

Names of music powerhouses such as the legendary Nas, Nicki Minaj amongst others on the tracklist, definitely breed curiosity, and having delivered on his previous international collaborations with Blow my mind with Chris Brown, Risky with Popcaan, and the likes, anticipation is in the air.

Davido, Lil Baby - So Crazy

Davido, Lil Baby - So Crazy

Despite a challenging year for Nigerians as well as other countries due to the pandemic, 30BG are still curious and highly expectant in celebrating a better time with their GOAT, Davido.

The joint with  Lil Baby just dropped. Listen to "So Crazy".

Davido and Nicki Minaj


Political Activism

Music stars were very influential in the #EndSARS protests which lasted for 2 weeks across the nation. Davido's active participation physically and on social media converted some music lovers to his fans. When his good intentions wanted to go South after his visit to the police headquarters in Abuja, his damage control press release restored the faith of his almost absconding fans. The saying "na artist wey join us protest na him we go buy him album" concludes my 6th reason.


Having shared what I believe to be my reasons why Davido's fans anticipate A Better Time album, I hope these challenging times become better for you.

If you're wondering why I only listed 6 reasons, that's because I left the 7th spot for you to fill. In the comment section, please tell us your own reason(s) why you're looking forward to "A Better Time".