VIDEO: Davido Speaks of "A Better Time" & Getting His Nicki Minaj Feature Via DM


Nigerian superstar, Davido spoke to Complex News recently on the making of his upcoming album, 'A Better Time' and how he got a Nicki Minaj feature.

Davido and Nicki Minaj

The singer, talking about how he got a Nicki Minaj featured stated that all he had to do was send her a DM but that was because he understands that she was following him on social before then.

he said;

I came out of the club, I was drunk and I was like yo! I'm about to DM Nicki and she gon' get on... let me try my luck. I knew she followed me but I just never really ... I did that, DMed her, she hit me right back. ... just like that!

Davido also talked about recording A Better Time in Nigeria, a process that was very different from recording his previous album, 'A Good Time' which was recorded while he was on tour.

Speaking on fatherhood and using his son as the cover art for his latest album, A Better Time, Davido said;

Fatherhood is amazing. I've been a father since 2015 and it's just been amazing. It changes you ... the first thing I do when I wake up is think of my kids... it's like you have four other lives that are part of you...

Watch the interview below;