Latest Update on Domestic Violence Accusation Against Ryan Giggs


Former Manchester United player, Ryan Giggs will be facing a retrial after it was confirmed that the prosecutors will want to continue to the case.

Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs


The jurors in the first trial of Giggs were discharged after they failed to reach verdicts. The Manchester Crown Court trial ended after the jury foreman said the seven women and four men were deadlocked, and that more time would not be useful in their deliberations.

Giggs was accused of headbutting his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and elbowing her sister Emma during an incident at his home in Worsley on November 1, 2020. He was also accused of behaving controlling and coercive behaviour toward Kate Greville between August 2017 and November 2020.

The prosecutor Peter Wright QC told the court that his clients are willing to pursue the case.

The matter was listed for the Crown to indicate whether we sought a retrial in respect if Mr Giggs. We do seek a retrial in respect of Mr Giggs. The matter has been considered at a senior level within the CPS and also the willingness of the complainant to give evidence again, although that's not determinative of the matter, has also been canvassed. There's no indication to the contrary as far as they are concerned. In fact, they indicate a preparedness so to do.

The new date of the trial has been slated for July 31st, 2023 and it is expected to last for at least three or four weeks.