Falz, Flavour, and Odumodublvck combine forces for new single 'NDI IKE'


One of the standout features of NDI IKE is its distinct incorporation of Ogene music influences.

Renowned Nigerian rapper cum singer, Falz, has once again graced the music scene with his creative prowess, gifting his fans a fresh auditory delight in the form of his latest single, aptly titled NDI IKE. Demonstrating his boundless creativity, Falz takes a new artistic direction in this release, aiming his musical compass towards the culturally rich and melodically vibrant landscape of the South-East region of Nigeria, drawing influences from Ogene music as he collaborates with Flavour and Odumodublvck.

As previously mentioned, Falz joins forces with two super-talented artists in the Nigerian music industry. The first of these is none other than Flavour, a stalwart of African music royalty. Known for his masterful fusion of indigenous rhythms and contemporary sounds, Flavour adds an extra layer of musical brilliance to NDI IKE. Additionally, the single features the scintillating talents of Odumodublvck, a force in the Nigerian hip-hop/alte scene, who brings fresh and dynamic energy to the track.

On the production of the track, Falz once again collaborates with Chillz, a frequent collaborator known for delivering beats that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Falz's vision, the single boasts a meticulously crafted sonic landscape that flawlessly marries different musical elements. The final sonic polish, comprising of seamless mixing and mastering, has been expertly handled by Milla Mix, adding a professional sheen to the overall production quality.

One of the standout features of NDI IKE is its distinct incorporation of Ogene music influences. This traditional Igbo genre, characterised by the rhythmic interplay of metal gongs and percussions, infuses the single with an unmistakable cultural richness that resonates deeply with the South-East region's musical heritage. This blending of modern soundscapes with traditional roots showcases Falz's dedication to creating music that is not only sonically captivating but also culturally meaningful.

Notably, NDI IKE marks Falz's third musical offering for the year 2023, following closely on the heels of his previous releases. Simultaneously dropped with the single, Operation Sweep, this dual-release strategy emphasises Falz's commitment to consistently engaging his audience with fresh content. NDI IKE comes after the release of his politically conscious track Mr Yakubu, which featured the esteemed rapper Vector. This further underscores Falz's multifaceted approach to his art, wherein he skillfully blends his musical craft with socially relevant themes.

Listen to NDI IKE here.