Lil Kesh drops much-awaited EP 'Rhythm and Tunes' featuring Zinoleesky, Chike and Young Jonn


Renowned in the realms of the contemporary Afrobeats music landscape, Lil Kesh, an acclaimed hitmaker, has unreservedly astounded and mesmerized enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike with an exquisitely crafted and profoundly stimulating EP aptly titled, Rhythm & Tunes. Emanating from the creative wellspring of his musical prowess, this opus represents an enticing prelude, whetting the appetites of expectant aficionados, as they await the imminent and highly coveted release of his much-anticipated second full-length album.

Propitiously unveiled unto the auditory senses on the momentous date of July 21, 2023, the Rhythm & Tunes EP emanates organically from a sequence of prior sensational and commercially triumphant releases that commenced in the preceding year of 2022. Commencing this auspicious trajectory, Lil Kesh unleashed the chart-scaling single, Don't Call Me, an auditory delight crafted in collaboration with the talented Zinoleesky. Subsequently, he followed this rousing success with the equally enthralling endeavor Vanilla Bottega, where he ingeniously featured another strong talent of the music realm, Joeboy, their combined artistry illuminating the musical firmament.

Continuing his resonating momentum into the nascent year of 2023, Lil Kesh kindled effervescent merriment with the vivacious and infectious tune Feeling Funny, once again embracing the multifaceted talents of the esteemed and award-winning hitmaker Young Jonn for this endeavor.

Embodying an intricately interwoven fabric of six stellar tracks, the Rhythm & Tunes EP harks back to eras gone by while concurrently endowing listeners with a poignant reminder of Lil Kesh's profound and ever-evolving impact as a trailblazer in the domain of Afrobeats Street music. Indeed, his ingenuity has been pivotal in inspiring an entire generation of musical virtuosos.

The sonic voyage unfurls with the ethereal and mellifluous serenade Bus Stop, an exemplar of Lil Kesh's acumen in crafting heartfelt and enamoring love anthems, perhaps one of his most illustrious endeavors of this nature. As the auditory odyssey progresses, it blossoms into an assemblage of chart-topping hits, infused with his signature rhythmic cadence, unabashed confidence, and an enchanting harmonious essence that enthralls discerning audiences.

Notably, the EP's tapestry incorporates a seamless amalgamation of collaborative endeavors, where Lil Kesh harmoniously melds his distinct sonic tapestry with other luminaries of the music sphere. Among these esteemed collaborations is the union with the wondrous singer-songwriter Chike, whose remarkable versatility and adeptness in crafting records is strikingly showcased in the feet-shuffling, jubilant finale christened Ayawa.

Through the captivating and resonant resonance of Rhythm and Tunes EP, listeners can expect to be enveloped by a veritable constellation of scintillating hit singles, each poised to tantalize and transport them into the very essence of Lil Kesh's audacious and groundbreaking musical landscape. Indeed, this EP stands as a compelling prelude to the forthcoming sophomore album, poised to define and redefine the enigmatic sonic realm presided over by the enigmatic Lil Kesh.

Listen to Rhythm and Tunes EP here.