Lil Kesh teams up with Young Jonn for new joint 'Feeling Funny'


In a moment of musical reunion, the talented duo of Lil Kesh and Young Jonn join forces once again, this time on an exciting and fresh single entitled, Feeling Funny. The collaboration brings together two artists who have shared a remarkable chemistry since their early days in the industry. While Young Jonn initially made a name for himself as a highly sought-after record producer, this time around, he joins Lil Kesh on the record as a singer-songwriter, further showcasing his versatility.

The history between Lil Kesh and Young Jonn stretches back since the previous decade, and their innate connection shines through in Feeling Funny. Not only have they established a fruitful partnership as an artist and producer, but their vocal abilities also blend seamlessly, underscoring their musical compatibility. Together, they create a captivating synergy that captivates listeners and reaffirms their status as an incredible duo.

Produced by the talented M.O.G Beatz, Feeling Funny stands as Lil Kesh's second official release of the year, following his previous record, Good Bad Boy. With this new single, Lil Kesh remain consistent in his art, delivering a refreshing sound that resonates with his audience. The track exhibits his growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to delivering new music from time to time.

To complement the infectious energy of the song, a visually stunning music video has been created under the direction of the highly creative Director Pink. Through captivating visuals and imaginative storytelling, the video brings Feeling Funny to life, enhancing the overall experience for fans and further elevating the song.

Listen to Feeling Funny here.