Cruel Santino (fka Santi) releases four-track EP 'Cincinnati Pumpin!!'


Known as one of Nigeria's most unique talents, Cruel Santino, formerly known as Santi, has unleased his much-awaited project – the Cincinnati Pumpin!! EP. The new offering showcases the artist's creativity and distinctive sound across four captivating tracks that are poised to deliver a refreshing listening experience for his fans.

The Cincinnati Pumpin!! EP is once again exhibits Cruel Santino's artistic prowess, featuring an impressive lineup of collaborations with artists such as Odunsi (The Engine), Len, and S-Smart. These guest appearances add layers of complexity to the project, ensuring a diverse sonic experience for listeners.

In this new offering, Cruel Santino embarks on a creative journey that resonates with the stylistic essence of his critically acclaimed debut album, Mandy & The Jungle. The EP serves as a continuation of the artist's exploration of unique landscapes, blending genres to deliver an immersive and refreshing listening experience.

Cincinnati Pumpin!! EP comes hot on the heels of the dual drop of Holiday Sniping and The Vatican: Superb Artistry in October. As he continues to carve out his niche in the music industry, the EP stands as a testament to Cruel Santino's ability to evolve and captivate listeners with his distinctive style and unwavering artistic vision.

Listen to Cincinnati Pumpin!! here.