"#WeAreTired... It Is Not Just A Hashtag..." - Tiwa Savage Speaks

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Tiwa Savage

On Sunday, the 31st of May 2020, afrobeats queen, Tiwa Savage started a campaign #WeAreTired to put give a louder voice to the atrocious and abusive act that Nigerian women have to deal with in the hands of men. The hashtag took a life of its own as thousands of social media users used it to amplify their voices.

With people coming on to say this is just another hashtag, Tiwa Savage has come out to publicly debunk that thinking, encouraging people to join the conversation and enforce the change that is possible. She stated that while she understands that people might be tired of talking, but they shouldn't as continuity might get us the desired.

She said;

"Yesterday I started a #WeAreTired hashtag and I was really overwhelmed by how much it trended and that just showed me that a lot of us are tired. So, don't get discouraged, don't get weary. I know some people will tell you it;s just a hashtag, it isn't. A lot of great movements started with just a hashtag. So keep the conversation going. If all you can do right now is contribute positively to the conversation online, don't feel like it is not enough. Let us keep speaking. Keep talking, keep the conversation going until the right people in the right offices in the government listen to us. those people who can make a difference, who can make Nigeria  a safer place for young boys and young girls and essentially for all of us until those people listen to us, let us keep the conversation going and let's show these evil people that there is a consequence to their actions"

Other music artistes such as Adekunle Gold and Don Jazzy have given their voices and platform to the cause, advising that the society should do better and stop enabling men to exploit women. For Don Jazzy, Rapist should be killed.