Watch What These Fans Did To Rema ? He Even Left To Wash Face!

VIDEO: Rema - Beamer

VIDEO: Rema - Beamer

Nigerian talented youngster, Rema shared a hilarious video yesterday, 2nd of March on his Instagram where he invited fans to his Live video but was shocked at what we perceive to be him wondering how men of their age would be enjoying his music (or maybe not) and while they looked like Americans, one is Nigerian and the other speaks Nigerian fairly well for a non-Nigerian.


Their communication with Rema was hilarious but what we found funnier was Rema's reaction to them. Rema was so shocked he had to leave his spot to wash his face as he finally admitted that it looked like he was dreaming.

But can you watch and tell us why Rema was as shocked... because I still dey think am?

Watch How Rema got shocked by a fan


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