Mr Eazi reacts to cancel culture trend in recent interview


In a recent episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast hosted by Joey Akan, Nigerian musician Mr Eazi has opened up about his past encounter with cancel culture following comments he made in 2017.

The artist revealed that he became a target of cancel culture after asserting that Ghanaian music had a significant influence on present-day Nigerian music.

Despite facing backlash and threats of cancellation at the time, Mr Eazi expressed in the podcast that he stands by his statement and does not regret it.

He lamented the public nature of the criticism, noting that some individuals he considered friends in the industry joined the bandwagon of cancelling him instead of offering private advice.

The singer criticized those who still harbour resentment towards him, emphasizing that the controversial statement was not profound and that some people are holding onto animosity for other reasons.

Mr Eazi urged critics to redirect their energy towards more significant issues, suggesting they focus on local politicians impacting their communities.

Reflecting on the cancel culture experience, Mr Eazi highlighted the crowd mentality and trendiness of hating someone for clicks on social media. He pointed out the disparity in attention between artists who receive love or hate, emphasising that both contribute to the acknowledgement of one's existence.

In his song We Dey, Mr Eazi addresses the phenomenon of "Twitter fingers" showing fake love, attributing it to the prevailing crowd mentality in the digital age.