Fans react as Burna Boy says American rapper, J-Cole, likened him to Tupac


Fans across the internet are reacting as Burna Boy says that J Cole called him the new 2pac.

Burna Boy has tongues wagging on the internet with some of the statements he made in one of his recent interviews. This is from an interview on the Rap Radar podcast with Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller and Elliot Wilson. Burna Boy says that J Cole thinks he’s just like 2Pac.

In the interview, Burna is pictured saying: 

I don’t really know the dynamics behind how everything happened, but somehow I end up in the studio with J. Cole and a bunch of basketball players—tall as h*ll,’ ‘And then yeah, before any music, we were just all talking about real stuff, about life and everything really. ... I don’t really have conversations with people that don’t really live with me and stuff like that. I don’t have them long conversations like that. So for me, I found myself going off."

Burna Boy mentions that during the conversation between them, J Cole made the comparison to Pac. ‘He just goes, ‘Bruh, this n***a’s 2Pac.’ And then I look around to see who he’s talking about, and it’s me he’s talking about!’ ‘Like, ‘Yeah, this n***a is—it’s like 2Pac reincarnated in Africa and shit.’ [I was like], ‘Damn, that’s kinda deep. Alright, let’s make some music.'

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 Fans immediately began to react to this comparison. Some of them believed this statement too incredulous to have actually happened. Here is what some of them has to say:

Burna is bigger than 2pac btw’- @jessythe_9th

He simply meant u are 2 pack out of his studio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣- @mayback9993

The Delusion is strong🤣 I wish y'all stopped comparing our Black American Greats to average at best! - @MOON09202000

Nobody comes close to 2pac !!! 

If J.Cole really says that I think he uses an hyperbolic statement to express the level at which Burna Boy music has traveled across the globe and how everyone can enjoy the craft all over the world. More like the expression is exaggerated’ -@4starboyymiEezy

What do you think? Does Burna Boy remind one of 2pac in anyway?