Big Brother Naija All-Stars 2023: CeeC reveals to Whitemoney why she has never liked Alex


It seems as though things are far from being settled between housemates Alex and CeeC as things intensify in the Big Brother Naija All-Stars house.

Following a massive fallout after the Big Brother Naija All-Stars wager task on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, between housemates CeeC and Alex, CeeC, while chatting with Whitemoney, opened up on why she had never liked Alex even though they were housemates in 2018.

The housemates were given a task by Big Brother to make a movie, and Alex was chosen as the director. However, during the task, Alex accused Cee-C of not participating fully, while Cee-C countered by pointing out that Alex didn't provide her with the necessary materials to contribute effectively.

During a conversation, Cee-C mentioned that she would rather work with Seyi than Alex. She explained that she felt they had better chemistry and energy together. Alex was upset by this decision and expressed that they were friends outside of the house. She believed it was unfair for Cee-C to treat her that way.

Alex was taken aback by Cee-C's unexpected change in behaviour and encouraged her to move past any previous animosity that may have existed between them five years ago. However, Cee-C became angry and responded with harsh words, accusing Alex of being manipulative and crazy, and making it clear that she had no intention of collaborating with her in the future.

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Although they had differing opinions, Alex chose to proceed with the task and urged the other housemates to proceed with their wager presentation without escalating the situation any further.

CeeC during her conversation with Whitemoney confirmed that the fallout between the two had happened during their time in the house together in 2018 following Alex's incident with another housemate Tobi.

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