"Awards actually don't mean anything to me anymore" - Vector Unbothered About Headies Awards


Veteran Nigerian rapper and multiple Headies Award winner in different rap categories, Vector took to social media to express how unbothered he is about the Headies Awards.


On the 5th of December 2020, Vector via his Twitter page felt a need to explain himself to concerned hip hop enthusiasts about the Headies Awards. He tweeted:

As for the Headies. I stopped entering for it because I don’t want to compete with rappers (I can easily beat them on a one on one but that was Unilag).
I’m grown now. Awards actually don’t mean anything to me anymore. Let new people win awards.

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Vector further expressed his rap superiority to any Headies Awards nominated rapper in the past and present, also he expressed how unbothered he is about awards and money as he just wants to make music. In his words:

I intentionally removed myself from the idea that I have to outdo mode9. It’s not necessary. Ask him about me in the studio and he will tell you. I don’t care about clout... I just want to make music. Fuck money too. That shit comes and goes, anyway.

To buttress his points, Vector defended his worth by hinting about his proceedings from his Hennessey deal. He tweeted

Make Hennessy tell una how much my deal is worth as a rapper? Lol.
But that’s not me. I can brag but it only bring S more fake people around you anyways.
Stay humble and live easy.
Accolades are just accolades.

Peace to everybody who deserves peace.