#EndSARS: Vector Drops Important Message For Nigerian Youths On The Way Forward


Nigerian rapper and actor, Vector has expressed that creating a better Nigeria requires work as the problems within are rooted in 6 decades.


Olanrewaju Ogunmefun - Vector

The rapper who is presently based in Lagos took to social media on the 22nd of August 2020 to express his concerns on the heated upheaval within the country, proffering a way forward as we find ways to grapple with the recent reality. In his words:

Arise Arose... be honest and watch things happen. ??‍♂️.
if we won’t listen to the stealing elders, we can listen to our honest selves. Remember that if Nigeria is 60yrs after independence and still has these problems, whoever wants better for the country has work to do.❤️

Vector further advice Nigerians to be united in preserving the country against tribalistic plots by scrupulous individuals.

Once we let it escalate into tribal war, we will give terrorists the invite to do more damage. Make we no forget say Nigeria never still fit contain terror up north. If I can’t go on national tv to say this, I can reach anyone on social apps that cares to listen.

Vector stated clearly that if Nigerians are waiting on international bodies to provide help before doing what is right, then Nigerians are not ready to take control.

Remember Other counties in Africa that went through uncontrollable civil unrest. Reach out to all you guys and make it clear. If you are expecting people to help you do what’s right then you are not ready to take control .
Na oyibo be slave masters o.