Read Our Top Picks For The 10 Best Tanzanian Songs Of February 2023


February was a month of love and romance and to support Valentine's theme, different Tanzanian artists released songs, projects and music videos that truly made the month of February red like never before. Here Are The Best Tanzanian Songs of February 2023 

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Featuring Zuchu, Diamond Platnumz, Tommy Flavour, Darassa and many others, here are our top 10 picks for the best Tanzanian songs of February 2023 in a ranked order : 

  1. Zuwena - Diamond Platnumz 

There was a time when some fans started to doubt Diamond Platnumz's songwriting skills especially when he toured mainly around Amapiano and Afrobeats but with Zuwena Diamond Platnumz once again proved that his pen game is unmatched and that he is still a Bongo Fleva die fan. 

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There was no bigger song in Tanzania in February 2023 than Zuwena. Thanks to its storytelling nature, relatable lyrics and a blockbuster music video that, in just 3 weeks amassed 10 Million Views on YouTube. 

Zuwena - Diamond Platnumz

2.Nakuja - Tommy Flavour Ft Marioo 

With Nakuja, Tommy Flavour had not much to say lyrically. Nakuja's lyrics were simple, and repetitive but for some reason very addictive, especially the chorus which was decorated by Marioo's award-winning vocals. 

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The song was aided by a big-budget music video featuring Tanzanian socialite Mwijaku and Ayo TVs Vido Vidox. To be fair, Nakuja came as a rescue to Tommy Flavour who for a long time, did not thrill fans with a hit.

Nakuja - Tommy Flavour Ft Marioo

3.Mahaba - Ali Kiba 

You must be a hardcore Swahili speaker to understand what Ali Kiba meant when he said "Natamani Niwe Single Ila Nna Upwiru Unanikaba Koo". For those who understood what he meant, congratulations. 

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Mahaba is Ali Kiba's first hit song since Utu dropped and the song once again proved that Ali Kiba does not need to blend other foreign genres like Amapiano or Afrobeats to stay on top, Bongo Fleva is more than enough for him to take over the bustling African music market. 

Mahaba - Ali Kiba

4.Utaniua - Zuchu 

In her efforts to decorate this Valentine's season, Zuchu dropped Utaniua which is an intimate love song dedicated to those who are in love. 

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The song reminds us of Zuchu's sound in I Am Zuchu as she explores Bongo Fleva and Baibuda and to many sweet sixteens the song has become a go-to sound on Tiktok. 

Zuchu - Utaniua

5.Wasi Wasi - Kusah 

In the saturated Bongo Fleva music industry where melodies are recycled and repackaged every single time, Kusah decided to be different by dropping Wasi Wasi.

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In the 1990s-themed song and video, Kusah shows his vulnerability and how insecure he is in his relationship. 

Wasi Wasi - Kusah

Nobody - Darassa Ft Bien 

Nobody in the Tanzanian Hip Hop scene has a more loyal fan base than Darassa. The award-winning rapper has an Adele-like style of releasing music, usually keeping a low profile for a while and then rising with a series of smash hits. 

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From the first listen, Nobody is exactly what you call a hit song. Bien's vocals in the chorus are addictive and demanding while Darassa gave simple rap lines that even females can spit. 

Nobody - Darassa Ft Bien

Sawa - Jay Melody 

With Sawa, Jay Melody seems to know what exactly his fan base wants and that is, dishing out sweet love songs that would decorate weddings and honeymoons among lovers. 

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Artistically, Sawa does not bring anything new from Jay Melody, instead, he keeps playing in his safe spot, hesitating to experiment with new sounds and genres. 

Sawa - Jay Melody

Single Again - Harmonize 

On Valentine's Day when the world was on a 24-hour love holiday, Harmonize was busy healing from heartbreak as he released Single Again his manifesto on why he enjoys being single. 

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In this song, once again Harmonize sells his personal life to the public and for all the single people out there, Harmonize got you covered with this one. 

Single Again - Harmonize

Forever - Rayvanny 

For the first time in 2 years, Rayvanny has not released his Flowers package despite promising fans that he would. Instead, he released Forever, a typical Rayvanny love song that many fans adored but the song does nothing different to add an element of value to his catalogue. 

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Forever is a song that fans would easily forget overtime but for February, this song made waves in East Africa. 

Forever -Rayvanny

Machozi - Stamina 

Have you ever been cheated on? If yes, make sure you have your tissues ready because the way Stamina has talked about his cheating wife in this song is sorrowful like never before. 

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Machozi - Stamina