The 12 Best Tanzanian Songs Of April 2023


From political thrillers to romantic bedroom escapades, here is a list of best Tanzanian songs that made waves in April 2023.

April was different. Roma Mkatoliki shook the tables with his political thriller, Cherry came to the scene to save the fading RnB genre in Tanzania while Juma Jux made slay queens scream "Daddy Me I Want To Party" on our Tiktoks.

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Here are the Picks for Best Tanzanian Songs of April 2023

1.Ananipenda - Platform Ft Marioo

After making fans “Fall” for them in 2022, Platform and Marioo have decided to unite forces again in Ananipenda. The Abbah produced track sees Platform and Marioo bragging and boasting on how they are intimately adored by their other half.

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While Platform made the song a bedroom escaped with his sultry vocals, Marioo without a doubt made the song special with his easy to chew lyrics. 

2. Closer - Cherry

With Closer Cherry seems to be in a mission to save the struggling R&B genre in Tanzania. The Bongo Star Search Alumni who is now having her moment in the sun gave one of the best performances in Closer which is an intimate love song that reminds us of Vanessa Mdee’s debut single with the same name. 

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Cherry's Closer might not enjoy the massive streams that other well other established artists do but without a doubt, with Closer, Cherry has reminded us, that good music still exists and the fading R&B genre in Tanzania is once again in safe hands.

3. Nipeni Maua Yangu -  Roma Mkatoliki

While most Tanzanian hip hop artists have focused their rap lines on love ballads, Roma Mkatoliki in April decided to shake the tables with his political thriller titled “Nipeni Maua Yangu”.

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In the song, Roma explicitly, without fear spills the beans on the ongoing political issues in Tanzania and despite its blunt chorus and tiring monotonous rap style, Nipeni Maua Yangu will always be remembered as one of the best comebacks by a rap artist in the history of Tanzanian music. 

4. Nalewa - K2ga

K2ga’s Nalewa has proven that the Kings Music Signee is a talented singer who can switch his vocals and singing style anytime,anyhow.

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As his first single of 2023, Nalewa has proven to be a hit as it is now an anthem in various clubs and bars in Dar Es Salaam.

5. Yamenizidi - Maua Sama

Sama had nothing much to say in “Yamenizidi '' its the same old message saying that “she is deeply in love”.

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Apart from the catchy chorus, what made the whole project special, is the lyric video that saw Sama wandering around the famous Tanzanite bridge in a bathrob

6. Salama - Rose Muhando & Christina Shusho

These project united the two most celebrated women in the history of Tanzania Gospel Music and without a doubt Abbah Process who was given the task to produce the task, was able to deliver what was expected of him. 

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If you are losing hope, having a bad day or in the verge of giving up, Rose Muhando and Christina Shusho have created this song special for you as they repeatedly chant Utatoka Salama

7. Shuga Daddy - Jux, DJ Tarico & G Nako

With this song, Jux makes it official that the “King Of Hearts” album is now in the dustbin and that he is now in a new era.

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Shuga Daddy started as a dance challenge and is now taking over the internet, thanks to the well constructed Amapiano sound that shows how fluid and versatile Jux has become.

8. Hararat - Christina Shusho

Christina Shusho’s Hararat deserves to be the lead single of her 4th studio album which was released on 9th April 2023.

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In the song, the award-winning gospel singer urges listeners to gather at the top of Ararat mountain to get hope and relief far away from the daily life hustles.

9. Namficha - Dj Joozey Ft Harmonize

When it comes to love songs, we all know that Harmonize is the Teacher and with Namficha the Konde Music Worldwide CEO continues to prove that point.

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The song is the first project from DJ Joozey since making history as the first DJ in the world to jockey at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Bongo Fleva anthem is now making waves in East Africa. 

10. Oright - Country Wizzy Ft Emtee

Everything about Country Wizzy's “Oright” is terrific. The rap lines are solid, the beat is catchy and most of all, Emtee's verse was able to bridge the gap between Tanzania and the South African hip-hop industry. 

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The two artists met in South Africa through T Mulla who is Country Wizzy's longtime friend and the video of the song was shot in Durban South Africa. 

11. Mauzauza - Baddest 47

The dancehall king, Baddest 47 is unique and his latest single titled Mauzauza is solid proof. As usual, in this song Baddest does not stick to one topic instead he wanders around talking about different stuffs ongoing in everyday life. 

12. I'm Not Fine - Rosa Ree

We both know Rosa Ree for her boastful and sometimes provocative rap lines but in this song, Rosa Ree shows her soft side as she shows how vulnerable she has been.

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It's her unique message, well-executed rap lines and cinematic video that made this project a classic in its entirety.