Our Picks For The Best Tanzanian Songs In March 2023 | SEE LIST


The Tanzanian music industry has been a hub of creativity and innovation for a long time now and March 2023 was no exception. See our top picks for the best Tanzanian songs for March 2023 featuring Zuchu, Abigail Chams and many more.

From the upbeat South African-originated Amapiano tracks to the emotional Bongo Fleva ballads, see the top picks for the best Tanzanian songs in March 2023.

1.Nani - Abigail Chams ft Marioo

Abigail's first venture into the Amapiano genre has been a massive hit, with its relatable message and resonating lyrics. The song has made an impact on the streets, taken over social media, and gained massive numbers on digital platforms including Boomplay where the song stands to be Abigail Chams' most streamed single on the app.

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Nani - Abigail Chams

2. Napambana - Zuchu

Released in celebration of Women's Month, "Napambana" is Zuchu's first inspirational song. While not necessarily her typical hit song material, the accompanying music video directed by Folex and shot in Mafinga Iringa, has helped to increase the song's significance.

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Napambana -Zuchu

3.Dunga Mawe - Kontawa

With its perfect storytelling that reminds of Rapcha's "Lisa," Dunga Mawe has proven to be a hit song. The song tells the story of Kontawa's childhood friend who lived a life on the streets and ended up being killed as a result of mob violence after stealing.

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Dunga Mawe - Kontawa

4. Namficha -DJ Joozey ft. Harmonize

This Amapiano track is not only enjoyable for its beat, but also for Harmonize's unique and different perspective on the song's message. This is DJ Joozey's first gift since making a world record of being the first DJ jockey on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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Namficha - Harmonize

5. Ramadan - Yammi -

Released in honour of the Holy Month of Ramadan, this is Yammi's first song since her debut EP "3 Hearts." Although its lyrics are simple, Yammi's vocals are perfect, and the song has become an anthem during this time where muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan

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Ramadan - Yammi

6. Jua Lile - Nacha & Stamina

This song sees Nacha and Stamina showcasing their storytelling and wordplay abilities. The song touches on ongoing issues in Tanzania, the state of the music industry, all while trying not to offend politicians.

Jua Lile - Nacha & Stamina

7. Nihurumie - Killy -

Killy's "Nihurumie" is a piece of art that is rare to find in the current Bongo Fleva music industry. From its well-arranged vocals to its heartbreaking lyrics and production, the track is a standout and without a doubt deserves more promotion

Nihurumie - Killy

8. Shemeji - Mabantu ft. Baddest 47

Mabantu's unique storytelling perspective is what makes "Shemeji" stand out. The song sees the duo and Baddest 47 apologizing on behalf of their friend who seems to be on bad terms with his girlfriend. This song is exactly what Sauti Sol meant when they chanted "Short and Sweet."

Shemeji - Mabantu Ft Baddest 47