Yammi Celebrates The Holy Month With A New Song "Ramadan" | LISTEN


Tanzanian singer, Yammi, has released a new single titled "Ramadan" that is sure to capture the hearts of her fans. The song is her first project since her debut EP titled "3 Hearts," and it's a beautiful tribute to the holy month of Ramadan.

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In the song, Yammi encourages Muslims to celebrate the month of Ramadan by fasting, doing good deeds, and helping the needy. Yammi's vocal performances are outstanding in "Ramadan." She sings with power and grace, effortlessly switching between different tones and styles.

Other Tanzanian artists that have released songs special for Ramadan include Diamond Platnumz, Lavalava, Mzee Yusuph, Nedy Music, Tunda Man and many others.

Listen To The Song Here: