Zuchu Becomes A Tea Picker In Her Brand New 'Napambana' Video | WATCH


Zuchu is unpredictable and full of surprises. In her new Napambana music video, the award-winning Zuchu puts behind her Cinderella-like image to become a tea picker in the village. 

Tanzanian musician and WCB Wasafi artist Zuchu has finally released the music video of her recent song titled Napambana. The video comes a few days after the audio dropped and the song is Zuchu's first inspirational song meant to inspire and motivate fans. 

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In the music video, Zuchu plays the role of a village girl who picks tea for a living. Her financial hardships make her shift to the city where she starts to engage in dangerous activities such as prostitution to earn a living. The music video has a realistic touch of how modern girls put themselves in dangerous situations while searching for financial relief.

The video is directed by Folex, Tanzanian music video director who recently directed Feza Kessy's Siwezi and Zuchu's 2022 hit Kwikwi

Napambana - Zuchu