Byta Beast, Jaivah & Marioo set the party scene on fire in their new 'Ndembendembe' video


After so much anticipation, finally, one of the most awaited videos of the Year, Ndembendembe by Byta Beast, Marioo, and Jaivah, is now released.

The song was released two weeks ago to widespread critical acclaim, with the three artists encouraging women to dance and twerk. Since its debut, the track has become a staple in clubs, parties, and Tanzania's vibrant nightlife scene.

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The music video showcases Jaivah, Marioo, and Byta Beast fully immersed in the party atmosphere, singing and dancing along with the enthusiastic crowd, perfectly aligning with the song's theme. Additionally, the video features special appearances by prominent entertainment figures, including Abbah Process, Gigy Money, and Nai.

The Ndembendembe music video is skillfully directed by Director Joma, a prominent Tanzanian music video director known for his work on other notable projects such as Wewe by Lony Bway featuring Marioo and Yesa by Chino Kidd Jaivah featuring Marioo.