These Five Facts About Davido Will Inspire Your New Week!


Nigerian pop star, David Adeleke popularly referred to as Davido or the Chairman to his 30 Billion Gang is definitely making a difference in the African music industry and we see these moves. This week we are giving it to Davido and stating five things about him that should inspire you and get you thinking about doing things differently or improving on what you're already doing.

Let's go!

  1. The first thing about Davido that should motivate you can be traced back to December 27th when the star shut Eko Hotel & Suites down to round off his 2017 30 Billion Tour and before the end of the show, he did what has never been done in the histoy of Nigerian music, publicly ending a rift within the former Mo'Hit crew and once again Nigerians saw Mo'Hit perform on stage, a reconcillaition that is defintely going to birth new projects but most importantly it is a move that created peace among great artistes in the Nigerian music industry and that we will never forget. Well done again Davido... that was a good call.
  2. The second is how much Davido helps his artistes to grow. I mean, it is no news that everyone working with Davido is as much a celebrity as he is. During the Headies 2018, we have watched Davido give an acceptance speech that made the highlight of the show where he said Nigerian big artistes should learn to support the ones that still growing and while we might want to make that speech a reason on its own, we all know that Davido has done nothing but shown us that lifting others is the only way to rise. We have watched Davido feature on great colllabo with his artistes and the truth, we would agree that some of these songs received as much attention as they did because of Davido and we are giving him Kuds for understanding how much his platfom can help the people around him and how he is ensuring he uses it to see them grow because the truth is, when the people around you are not growing as you are oe even growing at all, no matter how big you are you are not succeeding, you're actually failing. Your growth should be your people's growth and when you are the only star in their midst and even your light cannot spread to them or even try to stain whatever darkness they have, then you have to check your leadership. With Davido, we can see that he is a man FOR his people and every single man around him has grown. Collaborating with them, believing in their talent enough to allow them to produce his song and not forgetting to blow their trumpet when necessary, Davido is the boss on this one!
  3. Davido is a proud father of two girls, Imade and Hailey. Despite his relationship with the mother of the children, Davido has made it known that no matter the wealth and fame, the place of his family comes first and should not be compromised. The birth of his first daughter got people wondering if Davido is capable of being a father but so far, he has shown us that he is doing his best to be there for his daughters. His methods might be different from ours, but from social media, we have seen how much of a proud father Davido is and one example is the recent birthday celebration of one of his daughters, Hailey. Davido had recreated the frozen cast, bringing these animations to life for the kids to enjoy... some of you might say he has the money to do that, but that'll mean me reminding you that they're people with the money to do such but are not as thoughtful neither does it make them bad fathers. While we can't write about what we don't know, we can talk about what we have been shown over time and that is Davido being a great Dada to his little princesses.
  4. The number next reason about Davido that should inspire you and your week is how hardworking he is. When Davido started his career in the Nigerian music industry, he faced great criticism for his voice, that is even still under scrutiny by some people. He was seen as an artiste who wasn't as talented as his colleagues in the industry in terms of content and voice but what was never under scrutiny is how much work he put into his music. Davdo has worked so hard that he has worked his way straight into our hearts and we can only help but love that artiste that loves to perform and will do everything in his power to give us good afrobeat to vibe to and that means working hard and collaborating with good songwriters and working closely with his producers to ensure it comes out right. Davido's growth is a message to simply tell the youth with dreams that if you have something you alone believe in, keep working hard at it and before you know it, the world will join you and dance to your beat. Some people are not fans of Davido but guess what? they turn up when his songs come up... so let that motivate you today and keep working on your craft, improve on it and watch yourself shine among kings.
  5.  During the weekend, specifically on the 20th of May, a lot of people were looking for the country called Suriname as most Nigerians haven't heard about it until Davido's show but guess what? It's actually a county in South America full of Davido's fan and what that tour showed us was that Afrobeat, especially Nigerian beats have gained larger audience than we ever thought because I am sure those people can also vibe to Wizkid, 2Baba, Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, and if they're indeed great fans of Davido, they would defintely be a fan of his 30 Billion Gang which includes Mayorkun, Peruzzi, DJ ECool and many other Nigerian stars and that is just how far Davido's tour has gone, exposing us to lands where our songs have been to. Last year Davido's 30 Billion Tour hit 30 cities in Africa, North America and Europe and that seems to be like the biggest tour an African artiste has ever made at a stretch in the history of African music... do correct me if I'm wrong. This tour last year ended in Lagos at the 30 Billion concert where Davido pulled a massive crowd in Eko Hotel. The singer and his crew have started another journey this year and we can't wait to see all the great things the 30 Billion crew has in store of us this year.

All these stated about the Chairman of the 30 Billion gang are practical and worth emulating as he continues to show us that the Davido we saw at the beginning of his career has evolved into a great man and there is nothing stopping anyone, everyone and even haters to learn and be better than even what he is today.

Have a great week!