Here’s why Tiwa Savage is yet to secure Grammy Awards nomination


In the illustrious world of music, the Grammy Awards stand as the pinnacle of recognition, honoring artists for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the industry.

While many acclaimed musicians have graced the Grammy stage, one notable absence remains: Tiwa Savage, the Afrobeat Queen.

Despite her undeniable talent, global acclaim, and groundbreaking contributions to the music landscape, Tiwa Savage is yet to secure the coveted Grammy Award recognition.

Here are six reasons why Tiwa Savage has no Grammy award nomination:

1. Limited representation of Afrobeats at the Grammys

One significant barrier to Tiwa Savage's Grammy aspirations is the limited representation of Afrobeats within the Grammy Awards ecosystem. While Afrobeats has gained international prominence in recent years, it has only recently secured a spot at the Grammy Awards, with fewer categories dedicated to the genre compared to more established genres like pop and hip-hop.

This limited representation poses a challenge for Tiwa Savage, making it difficult for her to gain visibility and recognition from Grammy voters.

2. Limited industry visibility and promotion

Another factor that may have contributed to Tiwa Savage's Grammy gap is the level of industry visibility and promotion afforded to her music.

While she has achieved considerable success in Africa and beyond, Tiwa Savage's mainstream breakthrough in Western markets, particularly the United States, has been relatively limited compared to some of her peers.

Grammy nominations often hinge on a combination of artistic merit and industry visibility, and without robust promotional campaigns and widespread exposure in key markets, Tiwa Savage's chances of catching the attention of Grammy voters may have been diminished.

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

3. Lack of adequate collaborations with Grammy-winning artists

Collaborations with Grammy-winning artists often increase an artist's chances of receiving Grammy recognition.

Unfortunately, Tiwa Savage may not have enough collaborations with the necessary artists to earn a Grammy nomination.

While she has collaborated with notable artists within the Afrobeats genre, such as Wizkid on Ma Lo and Bad, Burna Boy on Anything (For You), Brandy on Somebody's Son, Beyonce on Keys to the Kingdom and a few others, more collaborations with these Grammy-winning artists and others from other genres could enhance her visibility and appeal to Grammy voters.

4. Release gaps and album timing

Tiwa Savage's absence from Grammy recognition could be attributed to the extended period since her last album release, Water & Garri, in 2021.

With no follow-up albums since then, Tiwa Savage may have struggled to catch the attention of Grammy organizers and maintain visibility within the music industry. The lack of new material also deprives fans of prolonged listening enjoyment, potentially impacting her ability to engage audiences and garner the attention of Grammy voters. To improve her Grammy prospects, Tiwa Savage may need to focus on releasing new music to enhance her visibility and chances of securing the coveted Grammy recognition she deserves.

5. Fierce competition on the global stage

Grammy Awards are highly competitive, with thousands of submissions vying for a limited number of nomination slots in each category.

Grammy voters, who consist of industry professionals and experts, may have diverse tastes and preferences, making it challenging for artists like Tiwa Savage to stand out in a crowded field.

Additionally, voter dynamics and biases within the Grammy voting body may also play a role in determining nominations and winners, further complicating the process for artists from non-Western backgrounds.

6. Other Awards and Afrobeats royalty status

Despite the absence of Grammy recognition, Tiwa Savage remains a celebrated artist within the Afrobeats genre, earning numerous awards and accolades throughout her career.

Her status as the Afrobeats Queen is undisputed, with a loyal fan base and a string of chart-topping hits to her name. While the Grammy Awards hold significant prestige, Tiwa Savage's focus on other awards and her enduring legacy within the Afrobeats landscape may mitigate the absence of Grammy recognition.

Despite this Grammy gap, Tiwa Savage's impact on the music industry and her status as the Afrobeats Queen remain unparalleled, ensuring her continued success and influence within the global music landscape.

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