Peruzzi Talks About Leaving Med School For Music


The new member of the 30 Billion gang, Peruzzi has revealed in an interview that being with his new music family didn't just happen overnight, rather it took him sacrificing what he has for what he loves. The singer unveiled some of his truths, saying he left the four walls of a med school in order to pursue music.

This was disclosed in an interview with Pulseng where the artiste said although he initially revealed his actions to his mother and sister, he told his father later because he had known the father won't be easy to convince and  it took an entire family meeting to convince his father  that music is the way to go for him.

The singer said;

''I feel like it was already part of God's plan from the start that I was going to do music... When I was leaving the University, I didn't tell anybody except my mum, I initially didn't tell my dad, and when he knew he went crazy, he went wild, but then it took one or two family meetings, one or two convincing, before I could make him understand that this is what I wanted to do''... ''It wasn't as if my grades were bad, I didn't even fail in school, so at the end, it was easy for him to understand''.

Davido was really excited to have Peruzzi join the DMW team in November 2017 and the singer since joining DMW has given us a song, Mata which was released in March 2018.