6 Things to Give Up This Lent as Sung by Nigerian Musicians


Since Wednesday the 17th of February till Saturday the 3rd of April, Catholics and some Christians under other denominations have been observing Lent, a period of preparation for Easter where the observer gives up one vice or the other as a way of making penitence and in replication of Jesus’ sacrifice in the desert. While religion is a personal journey and we cannot instruct anyone on sacrifices to make, here’s a list of some things Lent observers may wish to give up as sang by some of our Nigerian musicians: 

1. Soapy by Naira Marley: Naira Marley may have tagged his Soapy record a social discourse on the lack of conjugal visits by inmates of the Nigerian prison system. And in the video, there might have been varying moves that liken the moves of the song to a game of dice, but at the core of it, well, it’s a song about pleasuring one’s self. So inside Lent, you might choose to give up doing the Soapy dance.

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2. Shawarma by Mojo: No, Mojo’s Shawarma isn’t about the Lebanese meal that has become a street delicacy over here and we all know it. Rather, the almost 3-minutes long track is an ode done in hip-hop to the generally accepted yet illicit substance, marijuana. Indulged in by some for purely recreational purposes while others rely on it as a muse among other reasons, this Lent, it might be time to turn to other snacks that are not of the wrappable and inhalable kind. 

3. Bounce by Rema: Every year, musicians the world over take it upon themselves to compose melodies about the beauty and the varying forms of the female backside. For the first quarter of 2021, Rema has taken up this mantle to make Bounce which highlights the joy of watching the backside of a woman do one thing, bounce. While this act can be filed under appreciating God’s creation, it can also be filed under Christianly categories that negate the act. So watching backside’s bounce and pledging to their owners may simply go under the ‘things to give up for Lent’ folder instead. 

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4. Ye Ye Ye by Omah Lay: For Lent reasons, I’ll refrain from quoting lines from Omah Lay’s short but sweet number that is indisputably about sex of the mindblowing type, just in case you’re constantly battling temptations following your decision to give up these activities that make you go ye ye ye.

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5. Cash App by Bella Shmurda, Zlatan & Lincoln: While Zlatan rapping “anyway na way” in some of the first lines of his part of the banger record, might for some, justify the part where he earlier on says “ole l’everybody” (everyone is a thief,) the fact still remains that the song gives credence to internet fraud which is totally unjustifiable in the eyes of the law. As a result, if the lines on Cash App represents your lifestyle, this Lent, you just might want to get some sleep and give up the sleepless nights trying to load your CC for some ice on your wrist.

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6. Kilofeshe by Zinoleesky: In truth, the song itself is not centred on any vice, yet it is worth a mention because during the period of Lent, observers are to be in a solemn mood in honour of what the period stands for. Due to this, you just might choose not to ‘seun ti o feshe’ (do whatever you wish to do) without reflecting on the enormity of your actions beforehand. 

What habits or vices are you giving up this Lent? Is there a song for it and did we cover it? If we didn’t let’s know all about it in the comments section.