Let’s Get It On! 15 Nigerian Songs About Sex


Let’s Get It On! 15 Nigerian Songs About Sex

If variety is the spice of life then music is the vegetable patch that never runs out, always on standby to add to your spice rack and willing to rise to any occasion or requirement. As we all know, for different moods, different tunes apply to heighten or ease the moment. In this case, we’re taking the playlist into the unbridled four walls of ‘the other room' to give you 15 songs that will help stimulate and heighten the affairs of that arena. Here are 15 songs by Nigerian musicians about sex, but first some throwbacks

Nigerian songs about sex

1. Kondo- Da Grin

This starting note being a throwback will not only help set the tone off on a note of familiarity but put you in the mood to throw it back as Da Grin flows smoothly on the robust flute-inflected beats in invitation of his love interest. 

On Kondo, Da Grin not only promises his lover a good time but also initiates consent by asking if his lover will come by while articulating all that is on the menu. 

2. Soundtrack- May D

Done over heady beats that sample Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls, May D gave the nation a fun yet explicit number on this 2013-dated record where he breaks down the importance of getting positive and stimulating feedback from your partner when going down on them. 

3. Do Me- P-Square

Truthfully, the song was about what seemed to be a heated dance floor show-off between the Okoye brothers and their love interest with the aftermath of the stimulating showdown being the chorus of “do me” and Waje belting out “give it to me some more.” As a result, it’s only fair to equate the throwback hit to the foundation point of sex itself; foreplay.

4. Get Low- Tiwa Savage

Ms. Savage has over time, proved herself to be a brilliant songwriter and singer and on this song off her debut Once Upon A Time album, the African Bad Gyal takes it to the hilt as she promises her man to do all it takes to please him while simultaneously hinting at playing the role of the dom.

5. Murda- Seyi Shay ft Patoranking & Shaydee

From the individual input of the artistes on Murda to Seyi Shay’s sample of lines from Janet Jackson and their vocal chemistry reminiscent of images of satin sheets and tangled bodies, Murda is one song that rises to the challenge of being a Nigerian song about sex that was made for heavy rotation in the steamy walls of the boudoir. 

6. Tesojue- Reminisce

Fast-paced and ultra-explicit, Reminisce is a man with a point to prove as he raps about his sexual vendetta on Tesojue; making a believer of his love interest who had not been feeling him with mindblowing sex. It's safe to say that if you ever needed a song to hype you up before a bedroom bout, this is the song for that. 

7. Jesse Jagz- Sex & Scotch

It’s a song about exhilarating and unapologetic sex but with ae restricted video because it's that x-rated. Right from the piercing chords and heavy-hitting beats on the track, Jesse Jagz goes for the jugular. He applies more pressure with his explicit rhymes and the airy backup vocals to create a record that compels every waist to rise to the challenge of sexuality. 

8. 69- Praiz ft Burna Boy and Ikechukwu

The title takes no prisoners as it waves its mission in the air for all to grasp; 69 is a three-part collaboration about making love that was too explicit to be aired on most radio stations. But as they say the 'darker the berry....' or in this case, the hotter the Nigerian song about sex, the more gripping it is. 

9. Gwarn- Juls ft Burna Boy: The twangy guitar chords hits like sweet palm wine with hints of a good night out by the beach getting a sensuous full-body massage from a lover as Burna lets us into his world as the ultimate babe magnet and woman pleaser. 

10. Inside of You- Darey ft Asa “Inside of you, inside of you / let me live inside you baby,” lyrics don’t get more sexually involved than that. However, the lines are delivered in a soft-spoken way akin to how one undresses a lover and you're automatically wrapped in.

11. Sofa- Kizz Daniel

It's totally sexy-sounding with slow and robust dancehall-inspired beats and mentions indulging in activities of the re-invented Netflix and chill type and Kizz Daniel’s sofa being the major piece of furniture. With this song, if you ever need to ask anyone over for quality sofa time, Kizz Daniel sang so you don’t have to stutter. 

12. Steal a Dime- Santi

With ambiance like the laziness of the waking hours of a weekend spent in a lover’s arms, doing what lovers do, Santi literally advocates for and extols the beauty of back-breaking sex on this record. 

13. Ready- Yung L ft. Sarkodie & Tay Iwar

This song should only be played at the highest volume and on the final lap of the bedroom race. Expertly layered over heavy synth waves, Yung L, Sarkodie, and Tay Iwar play their part expertly to create a climactic song about the heights of sex.

14. Equestrian Love- Tay Iwar

Simply put ‘equestrian’ is the fancy word for horse riding and in this case, the latter word, ‘riding’ is the keyword as Tay Iwar sings about all the work and position switching and sweating that comes with good sex.

15. CKay- Dtf

If you haven’t guessed it or listened to the delightfully sensual number, Dtf might seem like a strange acronym but it simply means ‘down to fuck,’ a consent-asserting question CKay seductively asks his love interest to ensure the necessary ingredient to good sex; that they’re on the same page. 

Bonus Track:

Ye Ye Ye- Omah Lay

Explicit yet sweet, Omah Lay pulls these two moods together to let us in on the level of dedication he gives into pleasuring his woman and the attention to details he pays to ensure she gives responses like the ensuing chorus and song title.

That’s all 15 Nigerians songs aboout sex that we have for you and we’ll love to know, which one of the songs is your ultimate sex song and which other ones do you think should have made the list? Do let us know in the comments section.