NBA Teams with Most Playoff Appearances


NBA Teams with Most Playoff Appearances

It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy following the NBA and watching the matches. You don’t have to understand all the rules to enjoy the games, which are fast, furious and exciting. People who also like to play basketball can make the most of watching games to learn from the best.

The playoffs follow the regular seasons and are when teams really get down to business because these games will determine who will become NBA champions. A lot of people like to wager on who will take the NBA title. Checking the NBA championship odds on sportsbooks can be a good indicator of who might lift the trophy. Below is a look at the teams who have made the most playoff appearances in the battle to be NBA champions.

Which NBA Teams Have Appeared in the Playoffs the Most?

Top three will be Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and the Philadelphia 76ers

1. Los Angeles Lakers

You might not be surprised to read the LA Lakers hold the record, having appeared in the playoffs 61 times and played 761 games in them. The team have developed a real showtime style that has captivated fans. Players such as Magic Johnson, who was an incredible dribbler that always knew what to do with the ball and understood how to open up the play, and the unique Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who could shoot from halfway down the court and score, really captured the attention of basketball fans. 

In the modern era, the team has LeBron James, who many consider the greatest player of all time, though there’s certainly some fiery debate about who is the GOAT. However, there’s no disputing that James is the greatest scorer of all time, having broken Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record. He’s also more than 11,000 points ahead of any active player who is behind him, according to an article in Sports Illustrated online.

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2. Boston Celtics

Trailing some way behind are the Lakers’ fierce rivals, the Boston Celtics, and it’s precisely because the teams have been such dominant forces in the NBA. The Celtics were especially dominant during the 1950s and 1960s. The two teams clashed a lot in the finals in the 1960s, and the rivalry entered its prime in the 1980s, with the teams meeting up three times in the finals. The Lakers won two out of the three times.

In the modern day, the Celtics’ style is all about making quick decisions, playing pacey basketball, reading the game and battling hard. In the past, the team have played a more aggressive style of basketball, both at their own end in defense and at their opponents’ end in attack. 

When it comes to great Boston Celtics players, the one most recognized as being the greatest is Bill Russell, who won more than 11 titles in the NBA and leads the Celtics in the most rebounds. He’s also coached the team in two of its championship years.

The next great player to ever have graced the team is the legendary Larry Bird, who is in the Boston top five for steals (2nd), points (3rd), assists (3rd), blocks (3rd) and rebounds (4th)

3. Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers come in at third, having played 471 playoff games, and are somewhat bizarre as a team, something which they’ve come to embrace. They’re large, they’re agile, they’re fluid in their positional play and they’re incoherent in their playing style. They pass from angles that teams who have a more conventional style of play can’t see coming. That goes for shooting as well. They also shrink the court with their perimeter play.

When the 76ers play, it’s almost as if there’s more than one 76ers team playing within the same game. This makes them notoriously difficult to play against or to even figure out. It also creates entertaining viewing, but if you’re a fan it can also be highly nerve wracking. You never quite know how things could play out.

Many would say the greatest 76er of all time is Julius Irving, who joined the team in 76-77 season and spent 11 seasons with the Philadelphia side. That season he led the 76ers to the NBA finals, but unfortunately, they couldn’t clinch the championship despite getting off to a 2-0 start. 

Another 76ers great is Allen Iverson, who, at 6ft, was slightly smaller than a lot of other players but compensated for this with huge heart and passion. He was also one of the league’s best scorers. In the 2000-01 season, Iverson, who had won his only MVP, led the team to the NBA finals, where they went up against NBA giants the LA Lakers. The team pulled off an upset in the first game, and it’s one fans will remember for the rest of their days. 

The NBA has some prolific teams who are more or less regulars at the playoffs. When the LA Lakers didn’t make it to the playoffs in 2022, this caused quite a shock. Let’s see who makes it through the playoffs and to the finals, and walks away with the title this season. 

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