Man Utd Offers Support For Victor Lindelof And Family, Here's Why


On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, while Victor Lindelof was on the pitch for Manchester United against Brentford, his family had been through a harrowing ordeal.

Victor Lindelof break-in
Victor Lindelof

Manchester United assured Victor Lindelof and his family of their support after his family had to experience a break in while he was playing in the midweek premier league fixture against Brentford.


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Victor Lindelof's wife, Maja Nilsson Lindelof, took to her Instagram story to narrate her ordeal. She stated that:

During Victor's game this Wednesday night, we had a break-in at our house in Manchester. I was home alone with both kids we managed to hide and lock ourselves in a room before they entered our house. We are OK under the circumstances, but it was obviously a very traumatic and scary moment for us and my little kids, we are now in Sweden and are spending some time off with our families

instagram story update for Maja Nilsson Lindelof

Manchester United's interim manager, Ralf Rangnick, confirmed the incident in his press conference and reassured Lindelof's family of the team's support.