FIFA Introduces New Technology Ahead of Qatar 2022 World Cup | Watch


FIFA Introduces New Technology Ahead of Qatar 2022 World Cup | Watch

The body governing football in the world FIFA has introduced a new technology ahead of the FIFA World Cup that will be hosted in Qatar.

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The body announced this on its official website on Friday, July 1st, 2022. According to reports from FIFA, the introduction of the semi-automated offside is introduced to assist the referees in games at the World Cup.

The Artificial Intelligence( AI) will serve as a replacement for the VAR manual linking lines whenever a player is caught in an offside position. The goal of this technology is to help reduce the time that is being wasted by VAR officials whenever a player is in an offside position.

A sensor will be placed in all the balls that will be used at the World Cup which can record data 500 times in a second whenever the ball is being kicked. The players will be mapped out in a way that will create an AI-model position, almost the same as the goal-line technology.

The fans in the Stadium and viewers in their various homes will be provided with a 3D animation which will help to see the offside position of a player. This is expected to reduce the time spent in detecting an offside position from 70 seconds to 25 seconds.