#AUSOPEN: Andy Murray Speaks on Novak Djokovic Visa Denial | Read


#AUSOPEN: Andy Murray Speaks on Novak Djokovic Visa Denial | Read

Former British Number One, Andy Murray, has given his opinion about the current situation that concerns Novak Djokovic visa denial at the Australian border.

Andy Murray


Murray was speaking in an interview with Talk Sports on Sunday, January 9th, 2022. According to the Brit, everyone is shocked by the current situation and he hopes the Serbian is okay.

I think everyone is shocked by it to be honest. I am going to say two things on it just now. The first thing is that I hope that Novak is OK. I know him well, and I have always had a good relationship with him and I hope that he is Okay. The second thing I will say on it. It's really not good for tennis at all, and I don't think it is good for anyone involved. I think it's really bad

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He also said, he will not like to comment more than he already did pending the appeal hearing that will be going down on Monday, January 10th, 2022.

What I would like to do right now is just wait for all of the facts to come out about what is happened, because every day something new is coming out and we are hearing new information all of the time. I need to wait and hear exactly what the situation is before commenting on it further, because again I don't think it is can't because some lf it is speculation. Some stuff has come out that really doesn't look good, either, I want to hear all the facts first before giving all of my thoughts on it.

Djokovic has been at the Australian border for the past four days after he failed he pass the expected criteria to come into the country.