Basquiat: Watch Asake's Latest Music Video From the 'Work Of Art' Album


Nigerian music sensation, Asake has unveiled the official music video for his captivating track "Basquiat," which stands out among the remarkable songs on his sophomore album, "Work of Art." Taking inspiration from the iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, who made a significant impact during the 1980s as a prominent figure in the Neo-expressionism movement, Asake eloquently portrays himself as a multifaceted artist, declaring in the lyrics that he is "a walking poetry and a work of art."

The music video serves as a visual masterpiece, effectively enhancing the essence of the song through a captivating display of lavida loca scenes and mesmerizing abstract paintings. Viewers are treated to a feast for the eyes as the video skillfully combines Asake's magnetic performance with striking imagery, effortlessly bringing the music to life.

Basquiat benefits from the expert production of Magicsticks, a frequent collaborator of Asake, who brings his signature touch to the track, amplifying its infectious energy and resonating beats. Adding another layer of creative brilliance, the video was masterfully directed by Joshua Valle and Edgar Steves, who skillfully captured the essence of Asake's artistic vision.

Asake's second studio album, Work of Art, continues to garner widespread acclaim for its distinctive sound and captivating melodies. With Basquiat serving as a prime example of his artistic depth, Asake further establishes himself as a proper superstar, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining the contemporary music landscape.

Listen to Basquiat here.