Pheelz Releases Energetic New Single 'YOLO'


Multi-talented Nigerian artist, Pheelz comes through with his latest release, an exhilarating single titled "YOLO." Produced by himself, bursting with energy and infectious beats, this track showcases Pheelz's prowess as an artist and producer, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music space.

With the release of "YOLO," Pheelz takes listeners on an electrifying journey filled with pulsating rhythms and dynamic melodies. The single encapsulates the essence of living life to the fullest, urging listeners to embrace the mantra of "You Only Live Once" and seize every moment with fervour.

Pheelz's creative genius shines through in "YOLO" as he effortlessly combines vibrant instrumentals with his unique vocal style, resulting in a high-energy composition that leaves no room for dull moments. The track exudes a vibrant and infectious vibe that is sure to get listeners on their feet, ready to dance and immerse themselves in the pulsating rhythm.

The lyrics of "YOLO" resonate with a sense of unabashed enjoyment and a celebration of life's pleasures. Lines like "10 million on a finger, carry matter go Jerry Springer" highlight Pheelz's unapologetic embrace of a luxurious lifestyle, inviting listeners to join him in a world where living life to the fullest is the ultimate goal.

As an accomplished producer, Pheelz infuses "YOLO" with his signature touch, expertly crafting a sonic landscape that merges elements of Afrobeats, and contemporary pop. The result is a vibrant and dynamic sound that captures the essence of Pheelz's musical vision and exhibits his ability to create captivating compositions.

The release of "YOLO" adds yet another feather to Pheelz's already illustrious cap. Known for his work with numerous top-tier artists, Pheelz has earned a stellar reputation for his production skills and musical versatility. With "YOLO," he steps into the spotlight as an artist in his own right, solidifying his status as a multifaceted talent who can captivate audiences both behind the scenes and on centre stage.

"YOLO" comes after the release of his 8-track extended play, "Pheelz Good" which was met with decent reviews from fans and critics alike.

Listen to YOLO here.