Oxlade and Dave combine forces on new single 'Intoxycated'


Naija meets the UK as Oxlade and Dave challenge love's hype in a provocative new single dubbed, Intoxycated.

In a musical collaboration that transcends borders, Nigerian singer-songwriter, Oxlade and British-Nigerian rapper, Dave have come together to deliver a brand new single, titled, Intoxycated, expressing their take on love and their personal relationships. With raw honesty, Oxlade boldly asserts, "I feel like love is overrated, tell me, got me so wasted," expressing his disillusionment with love due to the heart-wrenching experiences of infidelity he has encountered.

Through their poignant lyrics and melodic delivery, Oxlade and Dave explore the potential drawbacks and pitfalls associated with love. They delve into the intoxicating nature of romantic relationships, shedding light on the complex emotions and vulnerabilities that can arise when two individuals become entangled in the web of love.

The track's production is a testament to the combined genius of Deeyasso, Spax, and The Kazes, who skillfully lay the foundation for Oxlade and Dave to effortlessly ride the captivating instrumental. With their seamless flows and undeniable chemistry, the duo takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the ups and downs of love's intoxicating allure.

Intoxycated emerges as Oxlade's second official single of 2023, following the release of the track, OVAMI featuring African royalty, Flavour. This latest offering exhibits Oxlade's continued growth as an artist as he declares "I told you no more love songs" via his Instagram page. He displays his versatility and ability to captivate audiences with his soulful vocals and introspective lyrics.

The collaboration between Oxlade and Dave serves as another meeting point between two vibrant music scenes, uniting Naija and the UK in a harmonious blend of talent.

Listen to Intoxycated here.