Oriri - See Your Face + Sisi Eko (Promise Me)


Oriri - See Your Face + Sisi Eko (Promise Me)

This is smooth and creative. Oriri makes his NJO debut by putting out 2 sweet songs "See Your Face" and "Sisi Eko (Promise Me)".

"Oriri Osayomore is an R&B artiste with an eclectic style borrowing from traditional Nigerian High life and Soft Rock/Soul.

Sisi Eko was first recorded in Veritas Studios Yaba, Lagos in 2004. It was re-recorded in Los Angeles in October.

Oriri started performing during his undergrad days in Benin and later moved to Lagos. He is currently based in Atlanta, performing at the Apache Cafe and other venues."


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See Your Face - DOWNLOAD


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Sisi Eko (Promise Me) - DOWNLOAD


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